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  1. I screen recorded the process but by any stretch of imagination is a ground breaking tutorial I normally prepare something nicer but is just to illustrate the process. 2021-03-11_08-56-06.mp4
  2. Maybe I'm not the first but I like to share this, I was working on a document doing my regular data merge thing, when it occurred to me that it will be great to use the tool to create patterns fast and without too much manual labor, here is the file as well as some screenshots as how is done. hope you like it and please leave a feedback on what other uses did you find for a tool that wasn't meant to do the art you doing it with. patterns.afpub
  3. Thank you so much, I truly don't know what happened today, I was doing the data merge as you pointed yesterday but without any result, then something occurred to me, that maybe my csv was bad formatted, so I took a google sheet and did it again, I didn't got any good results but when i use my notepad++ to view it I noticed that there was a few extra "" in the formatting I did removed them and voila it worked, then I typed all manually following the one that worked and now I'm in business again since everything works as it should. One thing I learned decades ago was to always use underscore ins
  4. I have the last windows version of publisher and I even downloaded the beta version to see if the latest version was updated with this problem but not luck. I have tried several .csv files formats even ones that I have used with adobe InDesign in the past and all the text works perfectly but not luck with the images. 2021-03-01_21-56-43_1.mp4 info.csv
  5. thank you so much, i chang it from nvidia to wrap and everything is holding so far, no more crashing on startup, I'm also testing the version 1.9 now with the nvidia and they are also holding. thank you so much!!!!!
  6. I've tried all those solutions without any success. thanks!
  7. Hi since last update all 3 apps are crashing and closing all the time. I open any of your apps either designer, photo or publisher and same happens, lets say scenario 1. open designer, import a svg created in illustrator or an ai file, designers load it and then closes, in scenario 2 open a tif exported from capture one and same deal it opens and closes inmediatly, or if they open they can't handle big files or multiple photos at the same time or publisher importing from a text file or importing photos, I have to downres some images from 24pm to 4mp to work fast in designer i'm ok si
  8. One of the many things I love about affinity products is the fact they made it so easy to work non destructive, why in earth would you go this route, a simple outline effect and dragging a copy of the photo under the text and you have the same results with a more flexible way to do changes. I've been working with this software for less than a few months and before that I was on the adobe wagon for more than 18 years and it took ages to have some simplicity like this in photoshop or other apps. great effort nevertheless but try to embrace the power of this new workflows.
  9. Hi I'm Rafael aka Dr.Pixels I'm a CG artist, mostly do 3d, graphic design and motion graphics among a few more things as a freelancer you wear many caps on a daily basis l was very interested in these apps for a few years now, and pulled the trigger last week for all 3 of them, my impressions are really good about the software itself, I can translate any knowledge that I have from other apps into them effortlessly, a few tools are missing from other apps but that doesn't affect my work at all, one key thing for AD is that after been doing zbrush sculpting or motion design more than graphics fo
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