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    boydw got a reaction from Yawa in how to open Adobe Illustrator files in Affinity Designer?   
    Also don't forget to place each item in its own layer in the  Ai file so that you can edit them in Affinity when imported.
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    boydw reacted to Kiarian in How do I warp text in Affinity Designer?   
    Text on a path using Affinity Publisher is the only way I can see how to do it using Affinity menus. But then that's been in Publisher since release.
    The only other way I think in Designer is to create the text, convert to curves, ungroup group, add as curve, press A then individually pull the nodes to a projected path holding shift.

    It's not fun. Affinity must be holding out until version 2.0. There is no logical reason we should be waiting five years for this feature.
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    boydw reacted to Patriq in How do I warp text in Affinity Designer?   
    I hope this comes soon, as I need it often. The sooner I don't have to revert to Photoshop to do things like this the better  :)
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