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  1. in principle there are 2 monitors. On the Mac I go out with 2 cables THB2-> HDMI and then monitor left with cable HDMI1 and right HDMI2 -> there are "2 monitors". For my system it is 2 physical monitors and this is how they are treated. The problem is that ONLY with the Affinity programs the windows "hang" when I move a group of monitors to the other.
  2. when i move the palettes they are always chopped up in the affinity programs. they keep falling apart - regardless of the Affinity programs. ATTENTION, these are 2 screens with 2 connections in one - just no separation between them !!! IMG_1152.MOV
  3. it often happens in designer that I cannot write any text after opening two documents. If you enter a letter, the app jumps to the other document, you have to switch back: letter by letter the window is alone. that doesn't always happen. after a restart, it usually works again
  4. in Publisher and also in the other two programs, I suffer a lot from the fact that the palettes (studio) are not saved with 2 screens. As soon as the computer goes into sleep mode and wakes up again, everything is on one side only. If I want to move the group to rehcts, only some pallets move, others remain. some are left with the separation between the screens - with all apps, several times a day. that's a very bad job as a professional.
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