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  1. I just reduced the amount of ram used from 17000MB to 13000MB (to leave a small amount for the system to run smoothly). These are the settings I used trying to reach a smoother workflow. "PiĆ¹ vicino" stands for "Closer", is not the Bilinear option.
  2. Hello @Lagarto, Right now i have approximately 20 linked PDF files and just one embedded into. All files are located on a local disk (an ssd, the same in which is located the publisher file) and the layout is not very complicated. I'm working on A1 sheets so the canvas is pretty big, but still if I try to work on a completely new file the software is struggling and using around 98% of my RAM (16GB). Since a few days ago it didn't seem to be that bad so I'm guessing if there have been updates from affinity as far as I didn't receive any GPU or system update. Other question is why the GPU is put aside and not used by the software.
  3. Hello everyone, I'm using affinity publisher to compile my architecture thesis project (full of drawings and pdf as you can imagine) but I just realized that it runs painfully slow. Is there any way to make it faster? I'm on a Lenovo P50, 16gb RAM, Intel Xeon E3-1505M and Nvidia Quadro M2000M (4gb VRAM) that doesn't seems to work while running affinity (strange, as in performance settings it shows up) Thank you for your further replies.
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