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  1. Here is a screen capture in the beta. Look at the transform dialog compared to the resize dialog. The values there are the default. I've opened the document in Affinity, selected the move tool and the background layer to show the values in the transform panel, then selected Resize Canvas. The results are the same for Resize Document. If I'm doing something wrong, I'd like to know it, but I'm using the same workflow I used in 1.7.3 and I did not have this issue.
  2. I found this issue in the Mac version and I've verified the same behavior in the Windows version. In working with a PDF template, when changing units using Resize Document or Resize Canvas, the dialog strips the bleed from the dialog. This was not the behavior in 1.7.3. This is why I am NOT a fan of combining two functions in the same command (e.g. Rasterize & Trim) There are times when I want to change the unit of measure without resizing the document/canvas. Note the transform dialog versus the resize dialog. The difference appears to be the bleed outside the visible area, so it's trimming the bleed or the non-visible elements outside the visible area.
  3. One thing I missed was that I changed units using Resize Document from points to inches. Apparently, it is at this point that the bleed gets removed and the document size changes. Got a way to change the unit size without changing the document size?
  4. Just to be clear, the PDF file is not altered in any way. I open the original PDF and check the size attributes. I export the PDF and the size attribute changes in the output file. In Affinity 1.7 this was not the case. The simple act of round tripping the PDF should not result in changes to the size attribute.
  5. I'm not sure exactly what is going on, but open a PDF file, choose file export PDF and save the file. See the attached files. The resolution goes from 895 × 630 to 878 × 612. In this case it is a print cover template which completely wrecks my workflow because the output fails submission checks so I'm hoping for a quick fix. This is new to 1.8.2 as I did not see this behavior in 1.8.1. 5.5x8.5_BW_530_Export.pdf 5.5x8.5_BW_530.pdf
  6. I tried this on the Windows app and it has the same issue. Should I repost in the appropriate forum?
  7. Open a jpeg file. Save the file as afphoto. Create and apply a mask layer. Resize document. Image layers are resized, but mask layer is not resized. Depositphotos_45548569_xl-2015(bug).afphoto
  8. Note the top layer, when enabled, the text is not completely masked by the layer mask. Text shows through onto the image. KBR-KN-Print-Cover.afphoto
  9. Additionally, when using a layer mask, the black ends up being a dark gray #110F0E meaning masked content shows through the mask. I can find no way to force the mask to black.
  10. Same issue. Opened a file, cropped it, saved it, exported it and when I specify save location and click save, the app crashes. Did this consistently over six different images. I reopened and the export went fine. I've also seen the weird confirmation/permission step. Something about 'multiple files to this location'.
  11. I'm having a similar issue. Click on Help menu. Select Affinity Photo Help. The help window appears with the help selections down the left side and the splash logo in the document window. Type in flood select tool in the search window. The results screen appears in the help window listing Flood Select Tool and a brief description along with 10 other results.(See attached screenshot 5.00.53 PM) Click on the Flood Select Tool item at the top of the suggestions. It goes back to the help window with the help selections down the left side and the splash login in the document window.(See attached screenshot 5.01.43 PM) I'm running Affinity Photo Mac 1.6.7 on MacOS 10.14.2.
  12. A much deserved honor. Here's to more and better in 2016! :)
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