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  1. Thanks Mike. The 100% magenta cut line is their spec (StickerApp). They will, of course, automatically generate a cut line and I went that because Aff. Designer seems unable to create a cut line without all sorts of steps and effort. Was easy in Adobe Illustrator, but not (yet) in Aff. apps it appears.
  2. Not using any. This is to set a 100% magenta cut line on artwork so places like StickerMule or StickerApp will follow my cut line in the bleed area instead of making one up.
  3. Not seeing this and Google fails to bring up anything tied to Aff. Designer. Can this be accomplished?
  4. That's it. Thanks. Thought it was something more significant than that!
  5. Looked everywhere I could think of but can't find the option to enable folders vs. groups in layer panel. Mac Aff. Photo 1.8.4. Where is it?
  6. Great! Thanks for pointing me to that. Odd that all are on by default. Never seen that before in any program I've used from Quark to InDesign, etc. etc. Good to know it was something simple (esoteric though). Much appreciated MikeW!
  7. Trying to move previous work over from Pixelmator and other apps to Affinity family. But, my core font for my shop's web site, Google's Roboto Condensed, will not display correctly. When opening the file, I get the error as shown in the attached image and it's related to this font's files. Also attached is an image showing the problem with s & t characters connecting in an odd way. May be other font display issues lurking, but so far this is all I see. I've tried deleting then reinstalling the font. Does not resolve this issue. Should point out that this font displays correctly across a lot of programs, on desktop, in Shopify customizing, etc., etc. Don't exactly want to change my core business font, so wondering what to do. Have having to go back to Pixelmator to create anything for the business. Any ideas?
  8. Perfect. That works, and I work each image a layer at a time, so that's no issue. Thanks!
  9. Searched and can't find an answer, or at least, the suggestions don't work. Simple workflow, done hundreds of times in Pixelmator, isn't happening in AP. Canvas is 2048 x 2048 I drag over images of varying sizes (all larger than that) onto their own layers. I scale until I get the portion of the image I want to show in my square canvas. Select cropping tool, hit apply. Nothing changed. Imported image is still with image outside the canvas, so file is bloated unnecessarily. In Pixelmator, I dragged the cropping tool over the canvas, marquee shows, hit apply, and the rest of the image outside the canvas is gone. This is desired effect I want, but can't figure out how to do it in AP. ?
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