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  1. Attaching the afpub document. The problem is not within the word documents, as I have the problem when I am typing into a new text box. However, I am attaching one of those as well. What is also odd is that my defaults keep changing. When I change them on purpose, they don't hold. When I don't change them, the new formatting that I apply to something, carries forward as the default, and the attributes of the default that have taken hold (like all caps when I don't want it), persist after applying the style. This did not happen before the update. I now have the choice of applying the style and clearing character styles, but I lose the bold and italic formatting from the editors. Any other choice is not even close to the style that I have created. I have setup a spread of imported text for pages 12-13. Before the update it didn't matter what this text looked like. I simply selected the style without any attention to choosing a method of applying it from the Text Styles list palette. I chose the Paragraph Styles area in the toolbar area at the top of the page and chose my style (in this case Meredien). I have remade this style many times since the update and each time I would select text that contains both italics and bold and the font style would say "no changes". However, the style would only format the text Roman, and the style attributes would say "Roman" going forward. !VC_JULY_2020_style_test.afpub 4 BhagawatiColumn 1,148.docx
  2. I tried that, but the new text still imports as all caps. If I type, it is white and all caps.
  3. My paragraph styles stopped respecting bold and italic formatting coming in from .docx files. I have recreated the styles repeatedly with the same result. Now, when I import text it comes in white and in all caps (which are attributes that I recently formatted some text to have). I did not save this formatting other than in the one place I wanted those attributes. When I try to change the format to my preferred style, it alters the style with a + and retains this unwanted formatting. When I tell it to "apply paragraph style and clear character styles", it changes the color back to black but leaves text in all caps. Then when I import more text, this process starts all over again.
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