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  1. I received the artwork from a graphics designer I hired. He must have converted the text to curves at some point. I have a second logo that the same artist created for me and it too has text converted to layers. Both logos have the text on a path which is one of the challenges I have as a newbie. I'm unfamiliar with curves and why a person would convert to them them. What is the purpose of converting text to curves? Each layer for each letter shows as "curve" in the Layers Panel for many of the instances of text in the design while other text is editable as a paragraph or individual letter by highlighting and changing it. That part I can do, it's text on a path and the world of curves that eludes me.
  2. Thank you for taking time to explain it to me. I guess I'll try recreating the text.
  3. Hi Gary, I believe you are correct in your assessment of the letters being converted to curves. Is there a way to change this? Thanks for your assistance. Glenn
  4. I am unable to change text on any layers. I have a slogan I would like to change and each letter is on a separate layer, but when I highlight an individual letter I can't seem to change it. As an example, I would like to change an "A" to "M" and can't figure it out. Thanks in advance for any assistance.
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