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  1. @DM1 thank you. Yes I found a way to “upload” to the picture I think and it applies it. However I still have times where it won’t save the LUT in the presets. Sometimes the bar at the bottom Or the icon for it doesn’t even pop up to edit it. It’s probably user error on my part. and thank you @walt.farrell I understand that now. I’m new to this program and editing In general.
  2. @DM1 ezh.cube
  3. @walt.farrell I am trying to find the lut in affinity photo on the iPad so that I can apply it to another photo. By “exporting lut file” and saving it in affinity photo. It doesn’t show up anywhere that I can see. So I go to “my files” and try to reopen it and it says it doesn’t support it.
  4. I tried that, picked a different file. And it still didn’t work.
  5. How come .cube isn’t supported? I created the LUT directly from affinity. It’s an affinity file even. But I can’t reopen it with affinity? Also I’ve tried to use “preset” and it doesn’t make any difference to any other photo and/or doesn’t even save when I try to save it. It won’t let me download raw. It also says they aren’t supported and I get the same message so it was created with a jpeg.
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