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    FontExplorer X

    I love this app. After trying I bought it. It saved my day. I needed two fonts who were almost the same but still different. With this app you can compare fonts they are layed over each other and so I found the perfect match.
  2. Margriet

    FontExplorer X

    Good to know! Thanks for sharing! I am curious what you find of the TypeFace app? Have you tried it, or don't you want to?
  3. Margriet

    FontExplorer X

    Great app, just installed it. How can I let it work with Affinity?
  4. Margriet

    FontExplorer X

    For the one who is interested. I found an app which does the job also. It is called right font. Works perfect for me! https://apps.apple.com/nl/app/rightfont-font-manager/id1475782381?mt=12
  5. Margriet

    FontExplorer X

    Hi @chrisk, great I came along this post. I was just doubting to buy FontExplorer X. Do you like it a lot? I know use the Font Book on my Mac. On that I can also order fonts and see a preview. Please tell me what you like about it. Thanks for posting! And $99, that is for me a good price for good software.
  6. It is also possible in the Beta of Affinity Designer! Works great.
  7. Thank you! I did it in Afffinity Designer. Worked great! The only thing I struggled with, is the perspective.
  8. I have found another solution! Go to the preferences on the IPad. Search for the zoom option and set everything off. Since I have done that, I have no problems. I saw this here:
  9. Dear People, I just want to let you know how HAPPY I am with the Workbook. it exceeds all my expectations. So beautifully designed, so much information and beautiful projects. I will now start with the projects that are in the book. I had some doubts because I thought it was very expensive, especially because of the shipping costs. Maybe it's an idea that we can also order the book from Amazon. They do allready the shipping. It would have saved me a lot of money because I would not have had to pay shipping costs. I think I'm the not the only one in this. If there ever comes a workbook for the Ipad, then I keep being recommended. For anyone who is still unsure, just buy this book. It is really worth every penny.
  10. Indeed, me too! I think I also would order sooner, because I had to pay more then 11 euro to send it.
  11. Hi Karin, nice to meet you! I found you on Instagram, love your work! when you ordered your workbook at Serif, was it send by Amazon.com? Or is it an coincidence at my side?
  12. I cut off the fingers of a handglove. Works great. I also ordered special handgloves trough Ali Express.
  13. I have the same problem. Just bought a new iPad 2020 and the Apple stylus 2 (that what happen when you buy Affinity software . Now when I lay down my hand, the screen is moving every time. I did not have this problem on my old iPad and my old stylus. I don't have this problem in Procreate, so it is not my iPad which is nog working right. I am also left-handed. I have tried all possibilities, which I have found mentioned on this forum, like left-handed mode off and on (which is now on), and I have turned on and off : Touch for gestures only. It makes no differences for me. Hopes that the programmers can look at this problem. I have also the idea that it is only a problem of left-handed people. When I lay down my right hand, it seems to work well.
  14. Thanks Metin, yesterday I ordered the book at Serif. I can’t wait to get it. Just looked at computercollectief and couldn’t find it. Happy with that also! Good luck with your business and thanks for your help!
  15. Yes, I live also in the Netherlands, my website is https://www.invenio.nl Just started with Affinity designer. Run in it by accident. In the past I worked with PagePlus, also from Serif. It was of this program that I didn't want a Mac, but now they have programs for the Mac also. Happy with that. Do you know if there is a bookshop in the Netherlands who sells Affinity Designer Workbook in a normal shop? The sending-costs makes the price very high. Bol.com only delivers a German book.
  16. I had the same problem. I solved it by shutting down all open apps and my iPad. I have also the first generation iPad. Hope this solves your problem. I guess it has something to do with the memory.
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