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  1. Margriet

    FontExplorer X

    I love this app. After trying I bought it. It saved my day. I needed two fonts who were almost the same but still different. With this app you can compare fonts they are layed over each other and so I found the perfect match.
  2. Margriet

    FontExplorer X

    Good to know! Thanks for sharing! I am curious what you find of the TypeFace app? Have you tried it, or don't you want to?
  3. Margriet

    FontExplorer X

    Great app, just installed it. How can I let it work with Affinity?
  4. It is also possible to use your iPad as a trackpad I learned, with Sidecar.
  5. Margriet

    FontExplorer X

    For the one who is interested. I found an app which does the job also. It is called right font. Works perfect for me! https://apps.apple.com/nl/app/rightfont-font-manager/id1475782381?mt=12
  6. Oh, thanks! I will look for such a tablet. Do you use it besides the keyboard like the mouse or instead?
  7. Thanks, I will try that! So the trackpad feels like drawing on the iPad. Which one do you use? Thank you also for answering my question. Really appreciate that.
  8. How kind of you! I have the Logitech M215. My husband also told me that I should use a trackpad and I have tried that, but no. I now use the iPad Version and the Mac version together. Draw on the iPad (love to do that in the Garden) and then go after the Mac for the other things.
  9. I use a normal mouse, because the Mac Mouse looks great, but I don't like it to work with. I have this problem only in Affinity designer. But let it go, if I am the only one with this, I can live with that. I really love the beta, because it can import PSD files!
  10. Margriet

    FontExplorer X

    Hi @chrisk, great I came along this post. I was just doubting to buy FontExplorer X. Do you like it a lot? I know use the Font Book on my Mac. On that I can also order fonts and see a preview. Please tell me what you like about it. Thanks for posting! And $99, that is for me a good price for good software.
  11. I know. But what happen is that I click behind the text that is highlighted. The text is then for a moment not langer highlighted (And I type to add some text) and then suddenly again it is highlighted, so the text get overwritten.
  12. I will do next time, because I understand that this is something normal. So sorry!
  13. This is not only a problem of the beta but also of the current version. If I want to rename a layer, I click on the text behind it because I want to complete the name. If I then want to tap, the text is written in block again, so that the text that was there is replaced as soon as I start typing. That's not what I want when I click behind the text.
  14. It is also possible in the Beta of Affinity Designer! Works great.
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