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  1. Also very much looking forward to this. Sketch is still much more flexible on this front.
  2. (On a sidenote, don't you think that when posting it would be better to have the author following the thread by default? I didn't notice the tiny checkbox on the right and completely lost track of this post.)
  3. Thank you Leigh, didn't know about the export option. I wonder if from a user interface point of view conversion and assignment can have a single menu entry? If I am not mistaken there is no difference in them (except perhaps under the hood), even in the checkbox's state.
  4. Will this awesome device work with Affinity? It looks like a game changer in the world of digital painting input. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1152958674/the-sensel-morph-interaction-evolved
  5. Is it possible to strip the ICC profile from a picture? Also, what is the difference between "Convert ICC profile" and "Assign ICC profile"? Both have same content and a pre-selected option.
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