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  1. Thanks for the answers. I know, stupid lesson to learn on a live project, as it was the first production project with Publisher after using InDesign for more or less since it was available. You kind of get used to some features 🤔 Educating the advertisers I can try, but this is like relaying a message through 10 people, you cannot say, if the message get's through and you have to deal with constantly changing people, as there usually is more than one ad in this small-town paper. Using Acrobat for me as solution is not an option, as I'm currently on a quest of leaving Adobe behind (quite the ta
  2. Yes, on MacOS, the best way I found now since posting my first message is to open the pdf in Preview, go to the Print dialogue and save the file as PostScript xyz.ps file. It is then converted to curves, and opens up correctly in Publisher. A direct Save as… eps is not possible in Preview - and in all the other, non-Adobe Programs I found in said timeframe. pdfToolbox seems like a fine solution, but at 500€ it is a bit of an expensive solution for that problem. But thanks for the tip. I have found some of those threads now, they are enlightening But it is remarkable as to not addressing
  3. I'm sorry about being angry about that. Why should they not, and why cannot they use the embedded fonts, when actually everyone else seems to pretty much do that. If it is not possible, how can I rectify the issue, if the only way would be to either place the pdf as an image file or to convert the pdf into a full vector graphic? Or are there other ways as well? Well, yes, next time a don't need to check.
  4. I used Affinity Publisher for the first time on a production project, a small quarterly newspaper, after testing it a bit and had to import a few ads and placed them as pdfs inside the document. I didn't even care to check, as this is functionality that should just function, especially on a Mac, as it has a quite intensive relationship with the file format through it's roots in Display PDF. I now got message, why the advertisements were printed wrongly and the fonts were not as sent by the customer. I crosschecked now with Affinity Publisher and - on import - it did exactly as shown in the att
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