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  1. Ah OK, so apologies for the stupid question, but am I interpreting that correctly as meaning I'd need to make the document the same size as the screen it's being viewed on to avoid seeing banding?
  2. Total inexperienced guy here, so apologies if this is obvious. If I create a design in Designer with a gradient, I get what I think is called 'banding' when I export it as a PNG file (i.e. where I can see almost 'stripes' where the colour changes with the gradient). Is there a way to stop this? I've attached a sample file - when I export that as a PNG the banding is clear (especially if I view the PNG on my iPhone). Sample.afdesign
  3. Hmm, I can't seem to get my head round this one! I keep just making a mess of it and it ends up looking worse. I really appreciate your help though thank you
  4. As in literally just paint colour onto the layer? I tried that but I just have a big black line where I used the paint brush which I'm thinking isn't what you meant. (Apologies, real neewbie here)
  5. The version you've done using recolour is just what I'm after!! Thank you. With one exception - the edges of the selection around the grey tape very near the bottom are really jagged, is there a way I can smooth these out? Thanks for the help
  6. In the attached picture, I'm trying to change the colour of the blue curtains to the same sort of white as the rest of the truck, and I can't work out how. I've found many ways of changing them to another colour (red, green etc) but not to white. Can anyone help? Vehicle.afphoto
  7. I have the attached icon as an svg file, but I want it to be thinner. Is it possible to do this, perhaps convert it to a stroke so that I can then easily adjust the stroke width like if I just drew a line? thumbs-up.svg
  8. Complete and utter novice here to both Affinity and graphic design in general, so apologies if this is really easy! I've attached an image. I'm trying to create a vector logo for my company which includes the top shape, and want the effect of the 'slash' through it. At the moment, I'm only achieving this by putting a white line through it, which as you'll see in the middle image doesn't work when I then try to save it as a vector. I tried creating the lines myself using the 'pen' tool, but the ends of the line are flat which means I lose the effect of it being a slash. Can anyone tell me
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