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  1. Windows, saved on laptop, whatever update was live in spring 2020. Thank you so much for trying! Can you let me know if I should give up on getting back? I am super hopeful that I will have it printed this weekend. Thanks again! Edit: sentence above Cosmic_Cocktail_With_Critters_2.afphoto
  2. They were saved locally on windows. I was using whatever version was current in May 2020. Thanks again!
  3. Also, why does this happen? It happened to a few others that I don't care much about. Looking to avoid it in the future by exporting regularly/more saves. But every saved file for this one was corrupted.
  4. How do you do that? Seriously impressive. If its easy, I have another... I forgot that I renamed it... Also, I am really curious how you do that. Cosmic_Cocktail_With_Critters_2.afphoto
  5. I would love to get this project back! Please, please. It just the picture if not the project. Angela_Cosmic_Cocktail4.afphoto
  6. I just saw this! I missed the date but it would still be awesome if I could gift it super late! Please and thank you!
  7. I was working on a painting in Photo for a few days as a birthday gift. I saved the project last night and this morning it asks if I want to load a recovery so I click "yes." Then it says that my file cannot open as it "appears it may be corrupt". Is there any way I can retrieve the painting? The birthday is today haha I do not need to do any work on it... just export it and print it. Any help is appreciated! Angela_Cosmic_Cocktail4.afphoto
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