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  1. I sent you a PM. I uploaded the .ARW and .DNG. Also just confirmed that I have the batch bug issue with both formats.
  2. I should also point out that this is larger than the stated sensor size by the manufacturer, so is probably an artifact of how affinity is processing the DNG format.
  3. Hi Affinity devs! I bought your software this week after testing it out a year or so ago against a$#%e pho#@$##p and illu$##%@!r and getting frustrated that they wanted a Credit Card# for me to even test raw development. Anyway, tried out the batch for processing raws to jpegs for aerial mapping using structure-from-motion photogrammetry in comparison with a bunch of other softwares, and was surprised and impressed when quality-wise it outshone the others! By that, I mean that your raw conversion algorithms gave me the "best" images (more between-image matches), even relative to RAW.
  4. Attached a DNG and the ARW I used to make it. I used Adobe DNG converter to make it, I think the most recent profile (whatever it defaulted to). The only thing I changed was to make it not generate embedded thumbnails (or to do the smallest one, whatever my choice was). BTW I have gigabit symmetrical internets and you seem to have an upload bottleneck somewheres. my speed test is running at 357mbps up and I'm only getting about 1mbps to your forum upload. Just a note - with all the image software that I am testing, the inability to reliably understand where the default sensor crop of
  5. The 1000 .ARW files total 34.7GB and the 1000 DNGs total 36.2GB. I generated the DNGs with Adobe DNG converter and the "no thumbnails" option.
  6. I'm experimenting with file export right now, and I was unimpressed with how long it took to load a thousand .ARW files into the batch dialogue queue, and the fact that the CPU was at ~1% and disk (NVMe) was at 0.4% the whole time, which makes me think there's an inefficiency in code somewhere? So I figured I'd be a good beta tester and I did a few tests on the batch dialogue input file queue and found a couple interesting things. I tested with 1000 images in .ARW and .DNG (converted from the same .ARW) To clarify, by "batch dialogue queue" I mean opening the "New Batch Job" dialogue
  7. This is a feature I would love too. I really like how darktable uses darktable-cli for scripting, but they don't auto-apply levels/curves adjustments to raw (at least for arw) as well as affinity does. I do projects with thousands of images at a time that would be way easier to manage with this feature.
  8. This is a feature that would be very useful to me too. Regularly processing tens of thousands of aerial images, and affinity does good things with raws pretty quickly (would be nice to see batch working more reliably and more use of GPU too, but parallel processing is very effective on my system)
  9. I was experimenting with batch converting arw to jpg on about 10 files with different parameters (with or without "convert to sRGB macro, pixel format default, rgb, cmyk, embedded sRGB profile). Anyway, I decided to output around 118 images that I'd already successfully output with sRGB macro/embedded profile, and I think rgb pixel format (maybe left at default). Importing in the same dir where I recently deleted a 10-file batch. parallel checked. The batch job spun up and got to "saving" on the first 24 images but never made it past that. CPU hung out high for about how long it would tak
  10. Hi Affinity! Just bought photo and designer and excited to join the community. I am trying the beta specifically for raw export and I noticed working with DNGs that Affinity doesn't honor the crop value. Capture One/darktable/adobe all say that the image (Sony ARW to Adobe DNG from Adobe DNG creator) is 7360x4912 (same as I get from RAW with sony software) but affinity says 7392x4920 (same as I get with OpenImageIO) and the rightmost pixels look funky (pic attached). I'm using the images for mapping so this is a showstopper for me. Incidentally if I open the ARW I get 7362x4920 with
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