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  1. @Chris B Yes, the restore did put Fresco back on the iPad, but I had not opened it yet. I do, however, use a Adobe Capture regularly. As a test, I deleted all the Adobe apps, performed a hard restart, and... Success! Now, it has no issues opening .psds. OK, so we’re a little closer to understanding this. I am truly clueless as to what would cause it; my first guess would be something that changed in plists on the iOS/files end. Now, to solve the problem of not being able to use Adobe apps in tandem... Thank you, again for the response!
  2. @Chris B Huh, that’s interesting... I don’t even get the error pop-up that @DM1 is showing - The files are just grayed-out in the Files app. I do have fresco, and I just try to hard restart, to no avail. I tried reinstalling the app. I even went so far as to completely wipe and restore the iPad yesterday, nothing. I am perplexed - it’s as if the problem arose overnight, without anything updating. I do have a screen recording, but it keeps failing when I try to upload it here. I appreciate your help!
  3. I have tried just about every source available, from iCloud, G drive, local storage, and even an external USB. Previously, I had no issues working on something in Procreate, and simply by using the share sheet bringing it over to Affinity. In fact, the options for affinity in the iOS share sheet have completely disappeared. I have tried dragging and dropping. I’ve tried downloading files directly 3rd party sites. I have thoroughly went through the settings on every app, I’ve double checked to make sure everything is using the same color profile. They are just completely unable to open up a .psd. As a test to see if it was something happening in one direction, I created a new document in Affinity, and drag/dropped it into Procreate; while it opened, it flattened all the layers. It as if this feature just up and vanished. If it would be helpful, I could provide a screen recording.
  4. Same issue here. Which very unfortunate as that’s the number one reason I paid the money for the apps. After a failing hard drive on a computer, finding that I had a suitable Photoshop replacement was a huge boon. A project, that I put many hours into, is unable to transfer back from Procreate rendering my work futile with a deadline looming. After scouring the Internet the past few days, I have found zero support for this issue. It’s kind of a major feature that many use, and I hope they respond soon.
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