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  1. Is that the meaning of the words "clip"and"crop" are different? Wow now I get it thanks!(I never imagine even I can learn English from here XD)
  2. HEY DEAR MASTERS If I want to draw the CG painting or Japan cartoon like what they use in photoshop, which one is more suitably between AP and AD and AP? I found AD is only support vectorgraph painting?Maybe I have not found more functions Stay safe guys
  3. ohhhhhhhhh That 's a good way to achieve my operation!! thanks very much and stay safe 😛
  4. 你好,我想了解affinity photo是否支持导入图片的裁剪? 我发现当我导入几张照片并且打算做成拼接的排版的时候,我的裁剪工具似乎只能裁切整个画布的大小尺寸。我想达到的操作是:当我导入许多张照片进入affinity photo时,我可以自由地,方便地裁切被导入的照片。 谢谢 Hello, I want to know whether affinity photo supports cropping of imported pictures? I found that when I import a few photos and plan to make a stitched layout, my crop tool seems to only cut the size of the entire canvas.The operation I want to achieve is: when I import many photos into the affinity photo, I can freely and conveniently crop the imported photos. THANKS
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