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  1. I was about to start a topic about this, but I find this thread. So yes coming from Photoshop, it's VERY annoying to think about the order you have to press the keys. On Mac, to play with brush size and hardness, the CTRL+Option or reverse Option+CTRL works perfectly, so why not for interactive zoom? I miss the zoom 2/3rd of the time... Pleeeease Affinity !!
  2. Ok thanks Old Bruce, I didn't know about this option. It works fine now.
  3. I'm facing a very weird behaviour. When using the stamp tool, the copy is not a perfect duplicate of my source, but a blurry version which is changing every pixel when I move my mouse. Does anyone has xeperiment such a thing ? To be precise, I have opacity, flow, hardness at 100%, no blend mode, no dynamic brush, nothing that alter the brush.
  4. Hello, Ce serait super de proposer de chercher dans le dossier courant d'un des liens manquants pour réparer tous les liens manquants en une seule fois afin de ne pas être obligé de les réparer un par un lorsque l'on a juste changé le nom du dossier par exemple (ou changé d'emplacement) --- Could be great to have a checkbox when relinking missing files to search in the same directory than the first file relinked in order to automate this process for every other missing files instead of having to relink all of them one by one when we just change the directory name or move it on the disk. Karl
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