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  1. Hi! So first of all, I've loved Affinity Photo so far. However, there are many features that it seems to lack that its competitors do have, and that I personally use a lot. -Better Displacement Map: Affinity Photo's displacement map works really weirdly compared to Photoshop's for instance. It works well enough for hard surfaces but it's not very useful for smoother ones, always roughing up the edges instead of distorting them based on the shadows. Now I know this can be partly "fixed" having a gaussian blur version of the image as a map but that hardly fixes the problems with it. Sadly very common uses of this feature like T-Shirt design simply cannot be done on Affinity Photo as easy and as fast as in other programs. -Free transform from selection: I know we can "free transform" using the perspective tool, however this process is needlessly complex and not as accuarate as it could be. It would be great if there was a way to use the perspective tool based on the selection, and hopefully within the move tool like it is in photoshop, that way we could create accuarate selections with the various selection tools and free transform without having to manually select the "Source" mode destination. As of now this process is way, way slower and more clunky than other programs. I LOVE Affinity programs, Affinity Photo especially but I'm finding that although in many ways it's better than previous editing programs it still has some issues that I find would help a lot with my workflow. These issues, along with the lack of 3D object reference support and animated GIF editing are the only things that are keeping me from fully switching to Affinity!
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