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  1. Hi @RedShade Studios Welcome to the Affinity forums. Can you give me a bit more information about this please? Is this menu always like this or does it resolve itself? Do you know if you have Hardware Acceleration switched on? Go to Edit > Preferences > Performance > Is Open CL ticked? If so can you try unticking it and see what happens?
  2. Thanks for the video @UK-Dave I'll see if I can recreate this. As for the spinning wheel, when you do see it next just make a quick note of what was happening as intermittent issues can be difficult to pin down.
  3. That's great news @Dada Shiilabhadrananda Thanks for updating us.
  4. Hi @Wings Tanar Thanks for updating the post. If you do see it again and can reproduce it consistently do drop back and update us again. 👍
  5. Hi @UK-Dave Would you be able to upload a video of the steps you need to do to get the spinning wheel? Does it happen on all files that are exported to JPG or is there something specific to the ones that it does happen too?
  6. Hi @Rcphap Welcome to the Affinity forums! Do you know if you have any of these third party apps installed that could be causing a conflict?
  7. HI @Ball Photo Sorry to hear you are having issues with printing. Can I ask if this is only an issue with "Defined by Printer" as shown in your screenshot? I've done a search and that issue has been logged, so I'm keen to see if the issue you are experiencing is any different. Do you also have the same issue if you select A4, Letter or create a custom size?
  8. Hi @Herbjul Sorry to hear you are experiencing crashing. Could you upload a video of the steps you took to get this crash so I can try and replicate it please?
  9. HI @RichardMH Did you also try this with OpenCL switched off? Was the result the same?
  10. Hi @nwhit Thanks for updating the thread and letting us know how you got it working. 👍
  11. Hi @gmckay60 Welcome to the Affinity forums. Have you checked to see if you have any of these 3rd party apps installed?
  12. Hi @resunoiz Would you be able to upload the document you were working on so I could take a look please? You can upload it here if you don't want to share it publicly.
  13. @Rubén D. I have attempted to reproduce this on my Surface Pro 4 that has 8GB RAM. The app didn't close but the fan kicked in and it stopped responding once at around 150% and then another time over 1500%. I do think the RAM is the issue as @Komatös suggested. I tried the same thing on my iMac with 16 GB RAM and it didn't have the same problem.
  14. Hi @srg This issue was logged through another thread and this has not been marked as fixed yet. The relevant thread will be updated when the issue is fixed.
  15. @Icyspark The issue is still open. When it has been resolved the thread will be updated to reflect this. @deadhippo That's the same workaround I'm using too.
  16. Hi @Photobase I've just tried this on an iMac, 2019 model with macOS 11.4 and I didn't see the splash screen again after it's initial appearance. However, on my own iMac, late 2012 model with macOS 10.12.6, the splash screen would not dismiss until I clicked on it. This was on the first boot but this is no longer happening. Is this still happening for you? Could you possibly upload a a video of what you are seeing please?
  17. Hi @malayali Sorry to hear you are experiencing crashing. Could you check to see if you have any of these 3rd party apps installed please?
  18. Hi @-TR- Welcome to the Affinity forums! I would suggest the following: 1. Check the 3rd party software list shared by @Komatös Then if its still an issue: 2. It might be worth adding another User profile to your windows 10 machine and try installing 1.9.2 on there too to see if the problem still persists.
  19. Hi @Sandi Welcome to the Affinity forums. Let us know if the issue is with your Wacom tablet. If not could you provide a video of the issue while it's happening please?
  20. Thanks for getting back to me. I'll have a look at Live Filter Perspective but if you do find anything else let me know. 👍
  21. Hi @Gnobelix Is this photo specific or does it happen on any photo that you try?
  22. Hi @Rubén D. Would you be able to upload the photo here so I can try it for myself? If not could you tell me how big the file size is please?
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