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  1. Driver is installed on my Mac. Are you printing straight from Designer or are exporting the document first?
  2. Hi @Mtl_Biker Sorry for the delay in replying. Does this happen with all documents that you print or just specific documents? I'm going to install my printer driver and give it a go but want to know if there is anything else that I need to consider before I do.
  3. Hi @joanroig Could you upload the original document that contained the group "Phantom" so I can try and find out what is being copied over to case the crash in this document. Not being able to open the layer tab limits how much I can look at this document. I recreated the crash on Windows by just opening the layers tab as @Komatös suggested.
  4. Hi @joanroig I tried to open the file on my Mac and it crashed, even with the layers tab closed. I have the crash log so will get someone to take a look at it. I have managed to open it on Windows by following @Komatös's advice above. I also created a symbol of my own with Open CL activated and haven't been able to get it to crash. I think the cause will have some other / additional prerequisites. Did you add a colour tag? Was the image created in Designer or imported from somewhere else?
  5. Hi @Antony parks I'm glad the LKB link was useful. I haven't used her blog much as I took part in her tutorials on Skillshare but as it's a paid subscription it's not one I can really share. I didn't realise that the first one on the blog was all about symbols as I've only covered her lessons using Assets so far. I'm glad it was useful. Thanks for the document, I'll give it a poke.
  6. Hi @Bowzer It's good to hear that you love Affinity Designer. Just following up on the 3 issues that you mention. I'd like to get a bit more info to enable me to recreate them here. 1. Would you be able to provide a video of the 'one finger' touch issue. I'd like to see the steps you are doing. 2. What tool do you have your Double Tap set to? I just checked mine thinking it was set to Undo and it was set to Node Tool. I'm not sure when this changed. 3. Would you be able to add this to Feature Requests and Suggestions? As it is more of an improvement suggestion rather than a bug it will be best over there. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/forum/54-feedback-for-affinity-designer-on-ipad/
  7. That's good to hear. If you find any reproduction steps for the photo issue do post it over on the Photo forum.
  8. That's great news. Glad things have settled down for you. If you do have any more issues do pop back. 👍
  9. Hi @tonywaghorn Sorry for the delay in replying to you. Does this always happen with a specific palette? If so is it a custom created palette? Have you tried remaking it? There was a previous post where a customer had created a custom palette that would crash when edited. Once he remade it, everything worked fine.
  10. Do you have any of the following 3rd party software installed? It is causing conflicts that result in crashes. Could you also check to see if you have Hardware Acceleration activated: Go to Edit > Preferences > Performance > Untick Hardware Acceleration if already ticked.
  11. @Pushtin @Catherine M Evans @Tydal Did you manage to resolve your issue or do you need some help with it?
  12. @kwaku Would you be able to upload a video of the steps you need to take to make it unresponsive. It might just be that what I am doing isn't too taxing.
  13. Hi @kwaku Your settings are the same as mine and even the hardware is similar. Is it only PSD files you are having problems with?
  14. Hi @Moisés Sorry to see you are having an issue with crashing. Could you upload your document here so I can take a closer look please?
  15. Hi @jennet Welcome to the Affinity forums! Could you upload a video of the steps you are taking please so we can try and recreate for the issue for you? Can you also make sure the in future that you only create one post per issue too, please?
  16. Hi @gaegury I have reproduced this issue using a tiny shape of under 10px in both Affinity Designer & Illustrator. I also created the shapes at around 560px, divided them and them scaled them down and the issue wasn't there. I think when working on very tiny files it's worth having another working area where you can make the shapes larger first. I do this sometimes when creating repeat patterns, where I have another artboard for creating the assets next to the one where I lay them out.
  17. Hi @DonCarlos I've been unable to reproduce the issue here. Would you be able to upload a copy of your user data here please? That way we can take a closer look at what is happening. The user data can be found here: Windows: Affinity Store version: Affinity Designer: %appdata%\Affinity\Designer\1.0\user\ Microsoft Store version: Affinity Designer: %appdata%\Affinity\Designer\1.0 (Store)\user\
  18. Hi @Ben Frank Art I haven't been able to reproduce this so would you be able to upload your document here please in case it is document specific?
  19. Hi @Antony parks I can see that a lot of good advice has been given already so I won't repeat it. I've created a number of floral repeat patterns and did so by creating 3 or 4 different coloured flowers and adding them to Assets. I create them on a tiny little work artboard at the side of my main one, and add them as Assets as I go. Then when I need to break up the uniformity I add a different one and change the size / flip it / rotate it etc. I'm not sure that Symbols are really what you need here. It feels like it is complicating things more than it needs to. I found Liz Kohler-Brown really simplified repeat patterns for me and she has quite a few Affinity Designer tutorials on the subject. https://lizkohlerbrown.com/ipad-surface-design-in-affinity-designer-vectors-textures-artboards-and-repeat-patterns/ - Can also be used on desktop.
  20. Hi @SuperUser I've logged your issue and passed it on to the development team. It was slightly different to other issues I've seen before so I created a new log. As @wallacetospace mentioned, I was able to combine the shape by first adding all of the arched lines in the centre together and then adding that new shape to the circle.
  21. Hi @3gdfx Welcome to the Affinity forums! Have a look at this list of 3rd party software and see if you have any of the apps installed. They can create a conflict that causes crashing.
  22. Hi @AntonHallin Welcome to the Affinity forums! If you are finding the circle is off-putting I would disable the stabiliser as it comes with both Rope Stabiliser and Window Stabiliser. I don't notice it as much when I am zoomed out as it's only tiny.
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