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  1. Hi @foxxweb Welcome to the Affnity forums! Could you take a look at this list and see if you have any of these third party apps installed?
  2. @RedShade Studios Did you check the list that @walt.farrell linked above. It looks like your issue is similar to the one experienced by people that have Nahimic software installed.
  3. HI @Luis Canau The issue has been logged as explained by @Subclavius and it's still open. I will add the details from this post and pass it on to the development team to give it a little bump.
  4. Thanks @walt.farrell I wasn't quite sure, was going to build up to that as my second question. 👍
  5. Hi @RedShade Studios Welcome to the Affinity forums. Can you give me a bit more information about this please? Is this menu always like this or does it resolve itself? Do you know if you have Hardware Acceleration switched on? Go to Edit > Preferences > Performance > Is Open CL ticked? If so can you try unticking it and see what happens?
  6. Hi @Rcphap Welcome to the Affinity forums! Do you know if you have any of these third party apps installed that could be causing a conflict?
  7. HI @Ball Photo Sorry to hear you are having issues with printing. Can I ask if this is only an issue with "Defined by Printer" as shown in your screenshot? I've done a search and that issue has been logged, so I'm keen to see if the issue you are experiencing is any different. Do you also have the same issue if you select A4, Letter or create a custom size?
  8. Hi @gmckay60 Welcome to the Affinity forums. Have you checked to see if you have any of these 3rd party apps installed?
  9. Hi @resunoiz Would you be able to upload the document you were working on so I could take a look please? You can upload it here if you don't want to share it publicly.
  10. @Rubén D. I have attempted to reproduce this on my Surface Pro 4 that has 8GB RAM. The app didn't close but the fan kicked in and it stopped responding once at around 150% and then another time over 1500%. I do think the RAM is the issue as @Komatös suggested. I tried the same thing on my iMac with 16 GB RAM and it didn't have the same problem.
  11. @Icyspark The issue is still open. When it has been resolved the thread will be updated to reflect this. @deadhippo That's the same workaround I'm using too.
  12. Hi @malayali Sorry to hear you are experiencing crashing. Could you check to see if you have any of these 3rd party apps installed please?
  13. Hi @Rubén D. Would you be able to upload the photo here so I can try it for myself? If not could you tell me how big the file size is please?
  14. @Wosven I've never tried Snagit, that could be the issue here. @DavidHeatherington Does the same thing happen to you when you use Print Screen and crop the image to size?
  15. HI @DavidHeatherington I downloaded the second image, placed it in Affinity Photo, exported as JPG and added it to Photos and it looks fine to me. Are these the right steps? Would you be able to upload the Affinity Photo document and the JPG here for me please? That way I can take a look.
  16. Hi @Sogaman Are you on Windows or Mac? Did Affinity Photo crash? Did you see a crash log afterwards?
  17. @excitive You can find the crash log by following these steps: In Finder hold Option key while clicking the Go menu Scroll down to Go To Folder Paste the following in ~/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/ Click Go - you will find your most recent crash logs
  18. @excitive If you've seen it once but not since, do you by some chance still have the crash log open behind other apps and browser windows that you are using? This has definitely happened to me before. I haven't discovered it until I closed all my other windows.
  19. Hi @Sam18 As @LibreTraining said above you need to have the Character Panel visible and you then need to look at the Typography tab to deselect the Ordinals option. Ordinals-Designer.mov
  20. Hi @excitive I'm going to need a bit more information as I haven't been able to recreate this issue. It seems to be connected to the shekhar.design palette which I don't have. Did you make this yourself or import it? Has it worked previously or have you just imported it and it crashed immediately? Could you attach a crash log by copying it out into a notepad / word document and uploading it here please?
  21. Hi @ricecrispies Are you able to upload a zip containing the document and all of the linked images too? I am also not currently able to reproduce the crash.
  22. Hi @Andy2019 Sorry for the delay in replying to your post. Is this still an issue for you in
  23. Hi @Oliver Marcus Kaptein Sorry for the delay in replying to your post. Is this still happening in the latest Release build of Publisher - If so could you zip up the document and the assets and upload it here so we can try and reproduce this please?
  24. Hi @sfriedberg Sorry for the delay in replying to your post. Are you still experiencing issues in the latest Release build Have you had time to upgrade now?
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