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  1. @Arceom That is it! Additionally the mode needs to be set to "pen mode", which I hadn't, it was on smart. Thanks so much guys! That will make Affinity Designer even better!
  2. Hey guys, first time after more than 5 years of affinity designer, I need to ask something which would be so helpful to know. The title basically says it already, I have a node which, for whatever reason only has a node control on only one side, now I want to smoothen the curve on the other side of the node also and I could use the bezier or smart option, but that also does change the existing node control and I have to adjust it again. Not only a little extra work, but also accuracy won't be as good as before, because it was a perfect circle radius for example. Is there a workaround or hidden feature I don't know? Thanks and all the best!
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