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  1. I have screwed up some setting and I can;’t find it... Now, when I type in a text frame, I’,m getting ‘fat’ illegible characters and can not find the control to fix this. I’ve checked out the Text Studio, but everything there seems ok. I’ve attached a screen shot showing numbers before, as they should be... and the one illegible number Any advice or guidance would be appreciated... TIA
  2. Thank you for your response. Now, I know. It´s unfortunate as I have difficulties seeing the controls due to an eye condition. I have found working in a darkened room helps..
  3. I haven’t had a reply since uploading the screenshots. Does that mean the black interface is something I can’t change? I
  4. Here are a couple screenshots showing a lot of black - background grey level slider doesn’t affect any of this.
  5. Maybe it’s supposed to work, but it is not working for me. I have tried countless times, and the screen stays black. I am working on a newly purchased iPad Pro, generation four.
  6. When I open designer, the background color is black, as is the background for all of the controls and studios,when I’m working on a canvas. I need to change the color to white, so I can see the controls. On the “Preferences —> Interface” page, I have played with the slider, “background grey level,” and it has no effect that I can see. How do I get rid of the black background?
  7. I don’t know much about this program yet, but I was able to use your advice and the tools. THANK YOU!
  8. Thomaso... You’re correct that if I can make it once, then I can reuse it. I’ve tried to recreate your example On my iPad, but could not find “table object” and wonder if it exists in the iOS version that I am using? If it’s there, I can’t find it. I’m waiting for a new iPad Pro , which will be my device for design.
  9. Tedious is an understatement, as the grids are typically 300+ x 300+ threads, much greater for larger pieces. i will try the “duplicate” suggestion though I’m not confident. another suggestion regarding placing a graph I find elsewhere as the lowest layer and locking it sounds a bit more promising. i don’t want to spend lots of time building the tools I need.
  10. Any progress on being able to print grids? I design needlepoint charts and this is really an essential feature.
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