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  1. this is exactly what is going on... and yes I can make a video , but I am very busy right now..
  2. Thank you, that is definitely more helpful, however I have tried that... I have enlarged the art board to a ridiculous size, and it still keeps happening.... even with new object created on the actual art board with no overlap. It is happening with every item in the layers panel. It feels like once you have moved one item off the art board, you will never be able to get anything to stay in order ever again.
  3. I started this thread because the answer is NOT there.... and I don't know if you monitor such old posts.... So... to be clear, Nothing is off the art board. I even created a whole lot new items and they did it too..
  4. Affinity Designer is great BUT I want to batter my head against a wall... The forum says it should not do this, unless you have stuff from outside the art board that you are dragging onto the art board. BUT IT IS DOING IT! It doesn't matter what or where I try to move something it is doing it. How do I stop this? It makes it impossible to use this software. No matter what I do, every time I move something it moves to the front. I am on Mac,,,, and I can't stop it... I am desperate for help. ...
  5. Specifically it happens when I try to move any object on the art board it jumps to the top..... I want to batter my head into a wall,.... this is SO not usable...
  6. This is happening to me and it is driving me NUTS.... it is enough to make me HATE designer... I have been looking for day s for how to stop this happening.... I could make my art board the size of a house and it still happens.... THIS IS A BUG, and I would love something more than "it shouldn't do it>... Sorry for being grumpy but it is driving me nuts
  7. How do you actually use the magic wand, or brush selector... I have hollow text that I have converted to curves, and I am trying to select the white bits to infill... the brush selector in photoshop would just select the white and the whole task would take less than a minute.... THIS IS A NIGHTMARE.... the brush keeps falling over into the black outlines, and it won't just select the whole white part, I have to keep scrolling around with it..... I have been at for 15 mins and still can't make it work... If there is no way to just select a colour and specify a tolerance then affinity is bust as far as I am concerned... Please help
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