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  1. awesome. thanks for that @JimmyJack - ill keep that in mind for sure
  2. HOLY SHIT FIST, YES!!! thank you so much @reglico that was what I was looking for. also thank to @firstdefence as well for getting back that was what I had done AGES ago, but I never remember the verbiage of things most of the time EXCELLENT. I can now sleep well tonight again. thank you xxxxxx
  3. I cant post what im doing since its a job - but I did make a dud project to show screeshotted & described the groups as block & lines the lines have no fill but the stroke is just large so what it is is use the colors & order from the blocks & insert it over the lines, but keeping the layout of how the lines are. it chops off the lingering grouped blocks that are not within the grouped lines I can do this easily with rasterizved grouped lines, but quality goes down at certain scales. I want to try & keep the quality as high without having to rasterize thanks for the help & hope my explanation makes sense
  4. what im trying to do is this: I have a series of lines that are grouped & what im trying to do is insert a block of colors into that group of lines, so the group uses the blocks colours instead, but keeping the shape of the grouped lines. BUT the grouped lines can not do this until I rasterise the group instead & then drag those block of colors over the top. but doing this makes the quality pretty cack & I want the best I can get for printing I know there is a way, but I cant remember the verbiage of it, nor can I remember where im sure I have seen this before it would be great if someone could help as this is stopping me from sending the prints off to get... errr... printed
  5. awesome. thats great someone else likes this. I think in the end its good to have options. because if you want to keep a certain customer, its nice to have those options that can cater to what they need. hopefully there is more traction & people can give a +1 or thumbs up or something to show & then it gets researched & implemented - as this would help not just game devs, but web devs & many others
  6. this is something I am sure has been brought up about a year or so ago. but could not find it on here. SO this link here is how you can use inkscape to design levels in video games, parsing the SVG data in whatever you are using that can be used for collision, shapes & other such things I really think this would be a fantastic feature for designer, photo, or whatever affinity product that can have SVG output. please look at the link & see how it works & uses the data to build levels. its super awesome & would be even more awesome to have http://www.fierysquirrel.com/post.php?id=705 all the best
  7. on mac there is font book. its not fantastic, but a good way to organise fonts. not sure what the windows alternative is. if there is one, then by all means make it for both please but it would be really good if any of the affinity applications can access the font book so instead of having say 3000 fonts to choose from a dropdown you can choose your collections you have made in the font book. so you could even have projects which use specific fonts, but are in a collection that is easy to find just think it would be a great way to deal with tons of fonts ;)
  8. howdy folks, this is a feature which i think would help mirror certain things. so with a text object, you make into a curve. seperating the letters, great. but you can angle the letters, to make them look different or curved. but what would be really cool is if you say have a word like 'HELLO', you need to angle the 'H' 'E' 'L' & 'O'. you dont need to angle the middle L since its in the center. but say you select the H & O, you can angle them, but you can NOT angle them [see 001 picture] on the inside. it just allows on the outside and the boottom/top. i have to do the same for the E and for the second L. to make the word curve to then make this [see 002 picture] so really i have to angle each letter one at a time. when i think it could be done easier it just would be cool if you could:- A - with the entire word to curves, be able to select multiple letters 2 or 3 or 4 etc, to angle from the inside points, rather than always the outside OR B - have a curved text object but allow the curve object to curve in the same way without having to do it letter by letter anyhow. if this does exist already. please do share. but if not, it would be a nice feature. also if this doesnt make sense please do contact me back ;)
  9. BOOOOOOM. that seemed to have worked. ill remember that trick many many thanks ;)
  10. this is has just now started to happen with myself. i have recently updated to 10.10.5, after being on 10.10.2 until i felt the OS bugs were out. but designer is giving me this message. cant save things i have worked on. photo is fine for saving. but designer is doing this
  11. rather than put 1 thing after another in different posts so here is a link to my tumblr page, which is for art stuff. most recent things and additions have been made in photo and designer. all content should be suitable, no boobies or willies to gaze at. though if that was on, i would have a warning on the page ;) http://lewislepton.tumblr.com/ still getting used to photo, was never a photoshop user, but am trying out the same methods have fun lewis lepton ------ lewislepton.com
  12. just come across this when going through some tutorials. but when say, making pupils bigger, i use the pinch tool, then try the modifier [alt] so its comes out. but it actually turns it. then try twirl instead and that is actually pinch. but this just seems to be off really. either set wrong, but either way. me working on a tutorial is completely different to what im actually selecting
  13. well done on getting photo out. i done the beta, so jumped at buying the full product. but one thing i have noticed is that photo seems to be pretty hungry in cpu. only after a minute or 2 of using it, the fan really starts to kick in. but assume it is because it is early days yet until the product is fully worked out whilst i dont have the most hardcore machine, it is way above the required setting for a machine. ill supply the specs but well done none-the-less. looking forward to many more products* that are so well made and have a great direction ;) best *wonder if an after effects-type one would be in the works in the coming years? ;)*
  14. no worries. but yeah, something very strange indeed thanks again
  15. sure, here you go. i have a feeling it may be a setting or something, but ive never come across it before until just a week or so ago here is a test portrait with just the head PortraitTEST.afdesign
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