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  1. Most of these posts are 'more in sorrow than in anger' because respondents, almost all loyal to Serif, cannot understand why something so basic could be omitted. Is it that users of Publisher are expected to have completed their text in a word processor like Libre Office first? Or is it that Serif are more committed to colourful creative design than to those of us who try to express what they want to say mainly through words?
  2. Thank you so much for your responses. Unfortunately no Mac app will help me. I'm still hoping to hear from Serif that they have this in hand. All those sensible people must care about this. Also, I was looking for that little button that looks like a Paragraph sign that enables you to see the spaces in between words, returns etc. Can anyone tell me where it is?
  3. Everyone seems very calm about this, but not to have a word count feature, when publishers typically ask for a certain number of words, is massively frustrating. For me it means taking all my text off Publisher and putting it in some other 'normal' programme like Libre Office that counts it on the screen all the time. If Publisher wasn't so good, this would not be a problem.
  4. Thanks, I've tried it and it works. I couldn't have guessed it though. Perhaps we could have something in Help about this. As a Photoplus user I was baffled.
  5. My aim was to use photo to crop some photos to add into an email. I downloaded them to Photo, cropped them, clicked Apply, then did copy/paste into email, and all the cropping was lost. This surprised me! Any solution? thanks
  6. Thanks, that's very helpful. You might guess I had hoped for something simpler!
  7. Thanks for the advice. I'm nearer getting the rest of the suite. However, I simply wanted to know how to save the edited adjustments in 'Edit Image' so that they show up on the photo in the document. It seems to me it must be simple but if so, I'm missing it.
  8. I don't own Affinity Photo, and I assume the photo editing tools in Publisher are for people like me who want to edit pictures all in one program. There is a button marked 'Edit Image' which leads me to the tools. From then on I'm stuck, as there's no Help article on 'Edit Image', and when I do edit the image it's not clear how to get my alterations into the original image which stays the same. If I close and Save the edited image, that seems to work, but is that what I'm meant to do? It seems a bit drastic to have to close the image corrections in order to get them onto the original image. Maybe the answer is obvious, but it would help to have a Help article on 'Edit Image'. Thanks for the brilliant tutorial videos.
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