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  1. I asked him, and he say its safe. but how can i be sure its really safe? (I'm not a technician or so...)
  2. So if Hebrew is easy to implement, why not starting with Hebrew?
  3. Maybe that would be some kind of help https://www.artwayz.com/en/right-to-left-fix/ (still hoping affinity will implement right-to-left languages support ASAP)
  4. Sorry i don't understand your question. There is only about 4-5 graphic design software (adobe, corel, inscape, affinity, and... one or 2 more very small ones). why in the world should one of them (or one of them) be created in the "Arabic world"? is there really there 2 worlds?... maybe the "Chinese world" needs a graphic application created in china?... no, a popular software supports all languages. (sorry for my bad English - maybe someone can explain my point better)
  5. Please work also on a solution to get the "First Line Indent" on the right side. It's very important, especially in Publisher! Thanks a million for your project! (But i still hope they will change their mind and add rtl support in the next updateπŸ’€)
  6. This is wonderful news! I'm sure that your mini-app would be great for rtl users. I'm just curious how long your thing will take you to get this done (at least to finish the Beta version).
  7. How "BIG UNDERTAKEN" can it be to add some language support, that will bring you hundreds of thousands new customers in a short period of time??? just get the job done!!!
  8. First they need to add Scripting to the program. but i still hope they will change their mind , and add rtl support in the next update.
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