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  1. Scribus 1.5.5 is now released, with full RTL support. https://www.scribus.net/new-text-layout-engine-with-full-opentype-support/
  2. No, that's simply not true. Affinity is an amazing peace of software. I'm just waiting for the minute Affinity will recognize they need to hire more programmers in order to move forward. they will then get done all the important stuff - including multi-language support - very quickly.
  3. We all know about your fixer, it's very nice. but please stop spamming every post that talks right2left support. Please open a separate forum to discus your rtl-fixer. Thanks.
  4. Sorry, but nobody needs your fixer to be implemented into Affinity, it's not the way a development works. We need native RightToLeft support.
  5. I asked him, and he say its safe. but how can i be sure its really safe? (I'm not a technician or so...)
  6. So if Hebrew is easy to implement, why not starting with Hebrew?
  7. Maybe that would be some kind of help https://www.artwayz.com/en/right-to-left-fix/ (still hoping affinity will implement right-to-left languages support ASAP)
  8. Sorry i don't understand your question. There is only about 4-5 graphic design software (adobe, corel, inscape, affinity, and... one or 2 more very small ones). why in the world should one of them (or one of them) be created in the "Arabic world"? is there really there 2 worlds?... maybe the "Chinese world" needs a graphic application created in china?... no, a popular software supports all languages. (sorry for my bad English - maybe someone can explain my point better)
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