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  1. Thank you @GarryP and @thomaso for your explanations and advice. I did some further testing now, applying all the information given by you. I changed my document to be whole pixel sizes and aligned the shapes on the "Pixel Grid". This resolved the issue. In other words, if I choose any of the paper presets that measure in millimeters, I need to change the Document units to pixels and remove the decimal digits e.g. A4 preset(210mm x 297mm) which is 2480,3px X 3507,9px when changed to pixels, should be rounded to 2480px X 3508px. This removes the lines or gaps between the snapped shapes since exporting the image rounds the dimensions to whole pixels(2480px X 3508px) and not paper size(210mm x 297mm) In summary: 1. Make sure document is whole pixels. 2. Make sure shapes are aligned on the pixel grid ( Made visible from View -> Show Grid or Ctrl + ' )
  2. I've probably read all the posts on the forums about this topic. Even the ones from almost 3 year ago. Yet the issue still remains. Is there a way to snap objects together without having a gap between the objects? I have tried the force pixel alignment and move by whole pixels. I also find that this does not only happen when snapping shapes to shapes, but also having a shape on top of another shape. It is also visible when a shape is on the side of the art board and exported to PDF format. I also tested this in Adobe Illustrator CS6, which is old, and I don't see this issue when putting shapes next to each other and exporting the file to other formats(jpg, png). The strange part is, while writing this post, I tested it in two documents. In the one I see the gaps and then in another the gap between the two shapes are gone. Please see the documents attached with examples. snapping_test.afdesign shows the gaps and snapping_test_successful.afdesign exports correctly without showing any gaps in the exported file, only in Designer itself. Please explain this, or I would really appreciate if this can be fixed or improved with an update. snapping_test_successful.afdesign snapping_test.afdesign
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