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  1. We have found the rogue JPG file! For whatever reason Aff Pub just doesn't like the file. Very strange! Apologies if I've wasted anybody's time.
  2. Hi, I'm just wondering if anyone has come across the following error when exporting to PDF before?... The document just simply won't PDF using default settings! We have done everything we normally do - all images are linked. However, if we rasterize all images (not ideal), the document will PDF. Just curious to see if anyone has come across this error before and if anyone has a SOLUTION! 😀 The Publisher file is not particularly large - so I'm really not sure what the issue is... Any input on this one would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Hi, I have recently made the leap from Indesign to Publisher and I'm working through one or two subtle differences bewteen the two programmes. So the issue I have is that when I export facing pages (A3 landscape) Publisher seems to join up the pages in the centre. Indesign would always keep these pages separate upon export - which was super useful as I could just print a booklet directly from such a file. It would still show the file as a double page spread but would recognise that they were separate pages. Unfortunately, Publisher seems to join these pages and therefore when trying to print from the resultant PDF it doesn't recognise the facing pages spread as separate pages - see below comparisons: Indesign PDF: Publisher PDF (Missing Centre Line): When printing, the Indesign PDF intelligently places each page onto an A3 layout, but the Publisher PDF doesn't recognise separate pages - see below: Publisher Print (centres the print on the middle of the spread) Apologies if I am I missing something really simple? Obviously I can export to 'All Pages' rather than to 'All Spreads', but it's just slightly annoying having to create 2 separate PDF files - one for digital viewing and one for physical printing.
  4. Great, the rasterize option works fine - thank you.
  5. Hi everyone, Pretty straightforward question... Is there an easy/simple way to create the shape below (the Indesign version)? In Indesign, I would simply use the pen/line tool - set it to a dotted line, then adjust the shear (to create an axonometric like angle - see below). However, the shear angle behaves differently in AffPub when using the pen tool. It does however behave the same when using the arrow tool, but I'm not sure how to apply a dotted line to the arrow shape?... INDESIGN PEN/LINE TOOL WITH SHEAR: AFFPUB PEN/LINE TOOL BUT CAN'T ADD SHEAR ANGLE: AFFPUB ARROW TOOL WITH SHEAR ANGLE, BUT CAN'T ADD DOTTED LINE:
  6. Thanks Garry. I do use masters. It's just that sometimes it may just be a couple of pages that you want to have the same image/text in the same place (not all pages). My workaround that I stated initially isn't too time consuming tbh. I was just wondering if I was missing a trick?...
  7. Hi, This is probably a really dumb question, so apologies in advance!... But how do you paste in place onto a facing page? I really love the default setting of pasting in place - but how to paste from a page on the left onto the page on the right? I've managed it here (attached image), but in a really convoluted way - I copied the text on the left page, then I moved the right page to the left, pasted in place, then moved the page back to the right. Is there a more efficient way of doing this? Sorry, I'm sure this is so straightforwards, but I'm new to Publisher.
  8. Thank you Gabe!! That has sorted the problem! Duplicate fonts in the font settings 🙈 Thanks very much for your prompt solution 😀
  9. Thanks for such a quick response guys! Joachim, I tried your suggestion, but to no avail. Gabe, I've uploaded the Publisher file, exported PDF and fonts to Dropbox. Let me know how you get on! We kind of need these fonts to work as lots of our documents, which are being migrated from Indesign, have the Futura font. It's our font of choice 😬
  10. Hi, I'm new to Affinity Publisher! But, first impressions are fantastic. For what I do, I actually genuinely prefer it to Indesign. 😀 However, I have ran into an issue, which I'm hoping is a straightforward one to resolve... So we use FUTURA fonts a lot. It appears fine in the Affinity file (1st image), but when I export to PDF the text does very strange things - see 2nd image. Does anybody know why? I've also attached the font settings...
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