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  1. Hi Sugar Lion, Thanks for this, and could you please also, if possible, suggest a way of using SpyderCheckr from Datacolor for Affinity Photo as well? is it technically possible to do so? Thanks!
  2. same request here. now in mid-2020, nearly FOUR YEARS after the original post in 2016, there's still no support in Affinity Photo for any kind of standard color chart like datacolor spydercheckr or x-rite colorchecker. using such standard color chart in post-editing (color correction) raw files has become crucial and new standard that is convenient to implement. this is should be a quite basic feature that should have been in Affinity Photo Raw Development a long time ago. I can't describe how disappointed I am when seeing that neither spydercheckr nor affinity photo are supporting each other. just hope that affinity photo would add this function into raw development persona as soon as possible. otherwise, we will have no choice but to still use software like lightroom.
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