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  1. UPDATE 🙂 - changing the Mode to None got rid of the bands. I have no idea why as i am just learning the program 🙂
  2. Interesting - i'll take a look later, but it seems that the devs have been informed and it might get sorted, but I'm still interested in looking to see if my 'off' ones are like your picture
  3. I did search - honest - but couldn't see this problem. I am not worried about this as i can understand photoshop brushes may act strange and might not be compatable. I have recently got some great tutorials at stupidly cheap prices from Aaron Blaise (creatureartteacher) I have got a lot of his brushes and then work just fine. I have a couple of sets (cost $1 each that , when i go to use them, i get 'bands' across the page and not always in the same place. I can't see where in the edit pages this could be adjusted and it could just be that they are incompatable There's about 3 sets, but as the tutorials i got were also $1, i am really not worried if they don't work I'm asking the question just in case someone has sorted this problem out. They are all later ps brushes I have attached image here to show what i mean thanks in advance
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