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  1. How does AFPhoto handle highlights and shadows when using Adjustment layers?


    I can't see any way of telling AFPhoto what levels I want it to affect or at what point I want it to stop doing anything (there are no selection tools in the Adjustments dialogs) so what I'm asking, is how does AFPhoto decide where to 'tale off' or if you prefer, stop applying an adjustment in order to avoid clipping at either the 255 or 0 end of the scale?


    It seems to allow things to stretch to 254, but can I set it lower if I want?

  2. I think a screenshot or link will help to illustrate the problem.


    To be honest, having now searched far and wide I don't think it can be done in AF-Photo (just as it can't in PS) which is a shame, because although it's a difficult tool to use, it can be a very useful tool.


    Here you see it being used in an HSV context, but it can also be used in RGB and CMYK.  Also, this is a selective colour system, where you select and add which HSV values you want to alter on the left and then determine what you want to do with them on the right.



  3. Thanks Stefano.


    Sigh ... I've managed to avoid Photoshop through many years.  And now it seems if I want to use Affinity Photo ... I have to learn Photoshop.




    Wasn't making a new app an opportunity to do something smarter?


    What's wrong with ... Erase with the brush.  Press Option - paint in with the brush?  Or to get really radical, Paint in with brush, Press Option - paint out with the brush?


    How hard does it need to be?

  4. + 1 as very keen to see a replacement for Aperture.


    I never liked Lr, especially the appaling early UI, but also its rigid modes.  Aperture was also much better as a management tool and the choice of Managed or Referenced on a file-by-file basis is terrific.


    My one BIG please ... would be ... PLEASE provide some way of retaining as much of an Aperture library as possible in transition ... including adjustments.  I have no idea how you might acheive this, but as a possible, I can say that Aperture has deep Applescript support and perhaps Apple's own Sal Soghoian could be persuaded to help seeing as he has done some very clever Aperture stuff in the past?


    Anyway ... can't wait to see what you come up with, as I'm holding out for the time being in Aperture and reporting any bugs in MacOS betas that I come across, in the hope that it will last until there's an appealing alternative. :)

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