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  1. I recreated the real neon tube flavour, keeping tracks of all connection and the start and end point of each segment.
  2. This is the vertical 100x70 poster. The one on the post before is 600x300 cm.
  3. Hi guys, I've recently completed this new artwork using all vectors. The challenge had been to avoid 3D modelling while reaching a similar effect with the power of lights inside Affinity Designer. I used Affinity Photo only to apply the light effect on the in-graphics vintage poster, simulating a rudimental light from up left corner. Hope you appreciate.
  4. Hi all, I'm working on a Coordinate Image. In Designer I created several artboards to match my stationery elements, let's say "business cards", "letterhead", logos, mail signature and so on. The resulting file (let's call it ARTBOARDS.AFDESIGN) is pretty technical and needs a bit of compositing to be presented to the Client. I decided to create a new file (let's call it PRESENTATION.AFDESIGN), all made of A4 artboards that shares the same backgrounds and my company details, in which I composed the visual presentation for the client, catching elements from ARTBOARDS.AFDESIGN. I embedded ARTBOARDS.AFDESIGN in PRESENTATION.AFDESIGN. While working on PRESENTATION, I needed to modify and create some new or ad-hoc artboards or elements in ARTBOARD original file. Double click, work on it and then close. Everything's worked fine. BUT the original ARTBOARDS.AFDESIGN is not anymore updated, and it is stucked on a version before I embedded it in PRESENTATION.AFDESIGN It had been forked in twos: one stands still as before embedding, and the other is embedded and "ENCLOSED" in PRESENTATION file. So, what if I need to re-use the modified ARTBOARDS.AFDESIGN (the updated embedded one) in another file? I mean that if I need to make another PRESENTATION2-SPECIAL-FOR-CEO and want to use the embedded updated one, how can I do that? The original ARTBOARDS.AFDESIGN is no more updated (shame on that!!!) and a lot of suff added during PRESENTATION compositing are lacking and it seems there's no way to save the updated ARBOARDS.AFDESIGN out of embedded context. Am I wrong? Is there something I do not understand about it? Is there something missing on embedded management? Thank you so much
  5. https://designer.io/Gravit already does it and it's free and on-line. I payed for both Designer and Photo and on both platforms (MacOS and Windows). Gravit is web based and it supports Linux and ChromeOS. Hope you will take this as stimulation and not for critical purpose. Apart from this, Affinity has done great products, but lately is sleeping a bit. We need to be comforted about our choice to move apart from Adobe toward Affinity. Sincerely.
  6. I made a 32 pages (artboards) 260x200mm size. I need some bleed because of full page pict. I cropped the pict in 265x205mm rectangle. When I checked the printed result it appears to lack 1mm per side: the crop marks are 259x199mm and the cropped picture 264x204 Has anyone experienced such weird stuff? It's really annoying. Thanks for your feedback
  7. Hi all, I got a strange behaviour while working on multiple compounds shape. If I click on one of the stacked compounds on layer panel it starts to reveal its own shape. If you clone it they suddenly disappear. Anyone experienced something like that? It's really annoying because while you're working on multiples boolean operation you can't understand if done or not. The first image shows what happen after clicking on a stacked shape. The second image shows how it should appear (or duplicating the wrong one) Thank you so much
  8. It's absolutely needed. It gives great control of calligraphic shapes. Thank you so much.
  9. Thanks so much, Leigh. Any clues about official updates, not betas?
  10. Hi all, has anyone experienced such a tedious defect in browsing font list pulldown? I attached a small video to better explain. As you may notice, while browsing it sometimes jumps from a font to another not sequentially. font pulldown list flickering.mov
  11. Hi all, I use many layer mask on compositing images. Many uses mask with black or white trace to hide or reveal painted areas. What if I want to control mask transparency? Do I have to paint in gray or there's a way to control alpha level for a specific layer mask? Is there any option to edit working mask as quick mask style (red overlay or other)? Thank you so much.
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