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  1. I'm using MacOS High sierra and Publisher 1.8.3 I'm experiencing text formatting problem which relates to hyphenation in Korean. Korean (as many Asian languages) does not normally need hyphenation. So I set none to hyphenation in Character panel and deselect auto hyphenation in Paragraph panel. I also select "Korean" in spelling and typography. Then I was expecting that the words in text should break (letter by letter) in lines. But it does not break in lines like western language without hyphenation being activated. Chinese and Japanese seem to doing fine on this matter. I'm attaching the sample that is made by one of forum members.
  2. It does not break at all as it should. Korean should break letter by letter in any sentence format without any hyphen symbol. Thank you for your advice. I'll try to do that.
  3. I'm using MacOS and I can select Korean in spelling in the Charcter panel in Language section. I also select Korean in Typography. And set hyphenation "none" in Charcter Panel and deselect auto hyphenation in Paragraph panel. But it did not make any changes on the word breaking behavior. I've downloaded Hunspell Korean dictionaries but it only includes spelling dictionaries. no hype-XX files. only KO-Kr.dic/aff. I think Korean does not need hyphenation dictionary though.
  4. 1. Publisher seems to recognize Korean as western language. So it does not break words in lines. 2. It does not support any hyphenation since it does not have Korean hyphenation dictionary. So far it is my understating. Is this a easy fix bug? Do I need to report it as bug or any other solutions?
  5. Thanks for all reply. As ashf mentioned, Korean does not need any hyphenation in formatting paragraph. I set it "none" to hyphenation, it does not make any difference. Affinity supports spelling and even typography for Korean. Is it rather basic function to support? Any solutions available?
  6. I'm a user of affinity Publisher 1.8.2. It is a bit strange that the program does not support "No Hypenation" which can break the word in line. I'm wondering if there is any set up to do this function. I've tried character, paragraphs menus and deselect all hyphenation related section. All did not work. Are there any things I have missed?
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