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  1. Oh thanks for the reply. This works great if you plan ahead like you say. It does't provide the option to adjust the image across planes. This process will work. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DNq6eZqd-t8&list=PL3cnFgknxUpWvBzNF8nRkWBETllp995ge&index=18&t=545s ps, Thanks I changed my username. (By default the settings in profile wouldnt let me change my user name till I posted something. Bit of a catch 22)
  2. Hello, I'm working on mockups for boxes and I need to wrap a label across multiple sides/planes. ie a photo covers the top plane and continues to wrap across the side plane. I don't seem to be able to make that happen. I understand that images can be fit with the edit in plane option to work for one plane, but can it wrap to another plane? One work around would be to fit the image with edit in plane then repeat with the same image onto the other plane and move one plane around till it matches the other seamlessly. Unfortunately this is not the solution that would work for me because some
  3. Hello, I have a question about the using the grid and shapes. After I draw shapes with the three sides -"front side and top" I want to make adjustments to the grid axes with the shapes remaining locked to the grid so that the perspective of the shape also changes. I can adjust an axis after drawing shapes but the shapes drawn will not move with the axis. By thinking carefully and setting the axis I want beforehand, the need to change any axis would be diminished. But I'm wondering if it is possible to lock objects to the 3 isometric planes after they have been drawn so that they will follow an
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