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  1. Thanks for all feedback. Bottom line: to use Affinity tools I need to: a) have to spend some extra bucks on a third-party software ONLY to convert to PDF/X1a-2001; or b) change my print shop to one that's use a more modern profile; or c) quit using Affinity tools at all, spend money with a designer to make my jobs (and have a tool capable of export to PDF/X1a-2001 like Adobe or Corel ones) because I will not pay for a signature to use the tools once or twice a month or less than this. Either alternatives are not good to me but meanwhile Seriff looks do not care to this I have no choices. At least they can put some kind of blog post about this explaining if is hard to make this, it is expensive, etc. I am not the first one to ask about this conversion. Thanks again for all feedback. Good day everyone and stay in peace.
  2. @Lagarto thanks for your feedback. Actually, the print shop I use refuses the PDF-X1a:2003 on preflight. I'll take a look on this tool you have mentioned. It is so overkill to use only one feature. My jobs are homemade stuff like business cards and I make these from time to time only. I am not a professional designer that gets paid for my jobs. So I see in Affinity Produtcs as a perfect tool to my use basis.
  3. I live in Brazil and most of the print shops here demands this PDF format to send our jobs. Yes, it is an old format, blablabla... but I liked Affinity Publisher because it is most pratical to me and foremost the affordable price besides other solutions. Thanks in advance. PS: sorry my bad english, not my native language.
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