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  1. hi stokerg thanks for your feedback. Our workstations are connected to a NAS Synology via Wireless and/or Ethernet. Sometimes the connection is also made from outside via a VPN. Can I help you with further or more detailed information?
  2. Our workflow: Several people draw plans in ArchiCAD and export them on the server, always in the same place using the automatic ArchiCAD Publisher. Someone creates the documentation in publisher with all the plans as PDF links that are constantly updated. The problem: As soon as a PDF is linked in publisher, ArchiCAD can no longer overwrite it (file cannot be calculated). This was never a problem in InDesign and ArchiCAD showed the same message if the PDF was open or someone had selected the PDF in the Finder. So it looks like the publisher is "selecting" all PDFs links all the time. Is there a workaround for this (without embedding the PDF)? Or can the software manage the links differently in the future?
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