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  1. Hi @thomaso, Yes, the links all work, thank you. I think you might be right. Some macOS security thingy. Although I cannot (for now) find a solution to circumvent it. At this point it looks like the best solution for me is to put the linked PDF file online and allow people to access through a URL. Thanks again for your helpfulness! 🙏
  2. Hi @thomaso Thank you, this confirms it: Just one final question, does anybody understand why the message occurs: "The file “FileName.pdf” couldn’t be opened because you don’t have permission to view it." ?
  3. Hi @walt.farrell, I tried using both Apple's Preview app and Adobe Acrobat Pro. Maybe I am misunderstanding the checkbox "Include File on Export". I was imagining that the file would be embedded inside the exported PDF. It seems like the file is simply copied and placed separately to the PDF export. If this is the case, then I might have to look for an online option such as through Dropbox. Although it still does not quite explain the message regarding not being able to open the file due to lacking permissions. Thank you for your help!
  4. Hello, I have created a "button" icon of a PDF file that I wish to include inside an exported copy of a report that I am creating in Affinity Publisher (see screenshot). I gave the PDF icon Hyperlink Properties: Hyperlink Type: File. I pointed the hyperlink to where the file resides on my computer. Finally, I check boxed "Include File on Export." I then exported the Affinity Publisher file in PDF format. I have tried a few PDF formats for exporting: PDF (for export) PDF (digital - small size) PDF (digital - high quality) When trying to click the hyperlink on my work computer, I get the following message: "The file “FileName.pdf” couldn’t be opened because you don’t have permission to view it." I tried giving full permissions to both the exported PDF and the linked file PDF but I still get the same message. When I try to click the hyperlink in the exported PDF on another computer, nothing happens. I do not even get the message telling my I do not have permission to view it. Could someone please help me by letting me know: What is expected behavior when we link a file in a PDF export and check box "Include File on Export." Please tell me what I am doing wrong. Thank you in advance for any help and support. I am using an iMac running macOS Catalina and the latest version of Affinity Publisher.
  5. Hi @dominik, Thank you for your reply despite this being an old thread. Your explanation and reply was very helpful! Wonderful, I will look forward to trying this out and it definitely helps! All the best, chau
  6. Agreed regarding the possibility to create Master Pages templates that we can easily access -- this would be extremely useful. A potential temporary workaround that I will do is create a file with only a certain group of Master Pages and no other content. If I need to use the group of Master Pages when creating a new file I will duplicate the original file and use the duplicate Master Pages file for my work... I am not sure if this is the right place to provide feedback to Affinity Serif but I do hope that Master Pages templates will someday become a reality.
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