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  1. I should still have been able to find it after LOOKING for it, though...However, in terms of design, it certainly could be improved. The various menus I mentioned would be a good place to find alternative deletion options.
  2. Hello! Actually, I think I've been a big dummy. My original document is very large in size, so I started to put together a dummy document to illustrate the same issue and started building the Index. I wrote some nonsense and "I'm sure I can't be the only one who has tried to delete topics from an index" and after writing that I redoubled my efforts to find a way to do it......I realized I was missing a VERY obvious trashcan at the top of the Index panel! One of those things that you just completely miss over and over until it just pops for some reason. I had really thought that there
  3. Hi, I am playing around with Indexes for the first time and having a hard time removing topics from the Index panel. More specifically, in my case right now, I cannot remove a "See..." cross reference. Am I just missing a keystroke here? Additionally, 'refreshing' or 'updating' an Index doesn't seem to work at all. I can only get a current index on the page by deleting the original and creating a new one. Using a macbook pro. Thanks!
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