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  1. Thx, i had hoped there was a way to keep the shape in its visible state, but masking this way is atleast a little more straightforward than creating a pixel mask by selection after every change.
  2. Hi, i just randomly discovered that i'm able to non-destructively combine shapes in affinity photo which is very helpful (alt+click the operation). But it looks like that doesn't work with the nested clipping that usually works fine when childing a pixel layer to a curve/shape layer (restricting the drawn pixels to its area like a mask). Is this to be expected or am i just missing a required step?
  3. This is a really annoying issue. The results are worse than the preview. Before: After: partner_icon.afphoto This should be fixed (and this seems to be the cause) :
  4. +1 This permanently visible box makes it hard to edit layer effects like outlines. A toggle in the toolbar would be very helpful Edit: Atleast it hides when dragging sliders
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