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  1. Yes, it will be great if we could rotate canvas with a pen, will waiting for it 😃. maybe one of the solution is like rotation tool in PS, hold R(or some other key) and click drag to rotate. And thx for the new beta!
  2. Yes, i can reproduce this issue as well, in my case it's only happen when dealing with rectangle with the shape edited (rotated, skewed etc.), other shapes seems fine. Ah and one more thing that i notice, the issue is gone when the rectangle got an outline filled (stroke width is not 0 pt).
  3. @salaivv I'm just copy pasting my reply on the blender.community forum, so forgive me if Fusion is mentioned there. here's one of my reply about your exporting question: "There are 2 possible setups here (and it's the same as in Fusion too, there are ocio in LUT preview, and ocio colourspace node). In AP, after you finished your editing/compositing, add another ocio adjustment to convert the sRGB to Linear (it would break the preview image in AF, but it'll be corrected upon exporting), from there just export it as usual to your file format destination. In short, 2 possible set
  4. You can activate the "Use Shift key to cycle tool group" in the Tools Preferences so that pressing the same key twice wont switches the tool, and still can assign different tool with the same key shortcut. Hope that helps.
  5. Ah i see, i hope it'll get fixed soon as it is quite an important/handy feature IMO. Is there any workarounds for now to resolve the issue other than copying and pasting mask (e.g blend modes, layer order, etc)?
  6. Done! I don't know if this information helps or not: The document was created in AP 1.8.3, but i already tried the same setup in the 1.8.4 beta. I'm saving the document as Multi-Layered TIFF file (not afphoto or PSD) because i do roundtrip the file from and to Capture One, and it is the file format that supported by C1 and while retain all the adjustment layer editability (as PSD sometime rasterized some of the adjustment layer upon save, LUT adjustment for example). Once again, thx for your reply MEB.
  7. thx for quick reply MEB 🙏 Yes, i could upload the afphoto for you to check, do you mind if i resize the document a bit? the file size is quite big because it's still a full size image from my camera?
  8. Hello, i'm a new user of Affinity Suite (Affinity Photo is used in this case), but i'm already a Photoshop user for almost 10 years for retouching photo. I'm already aware that different software will have a slightly different workflow, and i'm still trying to adjust my set of PS workflow to the Affinity Photo. I already searching on the forum about this problem i'm encountering now, and i only found that it is already possible to have a Group of Adjustment Layer with only one mask (to replicate clipping adjustment layer to below feature in PS), but i have different result between these
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