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  1. Yes. I selected an entire paragraph. I've tried with large blocks of text, single lines...The "paragraph leading" doesn't do anything. Like I said, maybe it's a bug that will be fixed on the next version.
  2. I've tried that, but as far as I can tell it doesn't actually do anything. I select text, then make the adjustment with the Paragraph Leading and absolutely nothing happens. Maybe it's a bug on my download.
  3. Sure. Here you go. As a quick note: I'm switching over to Publisher from InDesign. So my terminology may be a little off. Thanks for your help.
  4. Because I'm fitting text (mainly headlines) into an area. I use different leadings to improve the look or to fit the headline better into a space. For instance, many headlines are 24 point text, with the leading at 26. But sometimes I need to increase the leading to 27 or 28. Some fonts present better with increases or decreases to the leading. Also, on a slightly different note, I noticed that the text box outline disappears when I'm typing. It's there when I stop typing. Strange. I find it helpful to be able to see the text box (which is usually decided into columns) while I'm actually typing. Is there a setting where this could be fixed? Thanks.
  5. I copied and pasted text from a document into Publisher (latest version - 1.8.3). I am using a text style that I have used previously with no problems. For some reason there is an extra space between paragraphs. I go to the line, hit backspace, and nothing happens. If I reduce the indent to zero, it gets rid of the extra space. But I need the text to be indented (first line of paragraph). Is this a bug, or is there some setting I need to fix? Thanks.
  6. Well, I need to change the leading. The leading override is the only tool I can find that does that.
  7. Thanks, Walt. I am making newspaper pages. I create headlines with a text style, which sets the font, font size, etc. After I do that, I almost always have to change the font size to fit the headlines in the allotted space. I then need to adjust the leading. In InDesign, the font size and leading size are right next to one another on the top toolbar. That’s not how it is in Publisher. I would like to set up Publisher with the same, or similar, tool settings as I use in InDesign. For me having the two tools separately is confusing and not user-friendly. I would also like to be able to change the font and lighting sizes with the up/down arrows (see photo), instead of using the drop-down menu. Having all of the text adjustment tools in one area is extremely helpful when laying out the pages.
  8. I appreciate the suggestion, but I publish a newspaper, and we need to change text sizes and leading constantly. We already use text styles, but we make further changes. I need those commands easily accessible, front and center. If I have to open another panel every time, it's going to be counterproductive. I guess I just really need AP to be as close to ID as possible before I can make the switch. Thanks for your suggestion.
  9. Need help in Affinity Publisher with Leading Override. I am trying to justify the switch from InDesign to Affinity Publisher. But AP just isn't as intuitive. One of the things that drives me nuts is that the Leading Override is nowhere near the font size on the top bar when editing text. Is there a way to add it up there? There still seem to be too many things that keep me from making the switch, even though InDesign is bleeding me dry. Thanks for any help.
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