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  1. Hi MEB, Thanks for the quick response, I look forward to the future updates. Are there any plans to make a dedicated button to view documents in a browser? Thank you once again. Stephen
  2. Thank you so much Leigh for your answer, it is a good workaround. Another question related to the workspace, I have changed the UI appearance by altering the colour of the background to light grey but what I want to be able to see are the objects I am working with that are not on the document. They are there but not visible how can I make them visible on my Grey space next to the document I'm working on? Thanks again in advance.
  3. Hi everyone, I've just purchased affinity designer for my MacBook. I have used serif products before on Windows-based computers and there was always an option to view current work on a web browser. How do I View images I'm working on in a web browser? I can only find export options. I would appreciate any advice and help on resolving this issue, as I am now creating more graphics for web-based projects and having the option to quickly check through the browser the images I am currently working on is invaluable. Thank you in advance. Stephen

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