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  1. on windows 10, if i working with mask on AD is working stopped without any error massage. then i quit using by task manager, also start again my project and this unstable problem happened me twice. nothing work just like a screen. mouse cursor also hidden. very unstable, we need industry standard version!!! please solve it as soon as possible!!!
  2. yes, problem on high resolution images to edit, i open large image files waiting for a minute, if i zoom or move on the image i wait blurring for 2 second to render image, AD, AP also same. i'm trial user willing to skip affinity from adobe.
  3. thank you respond me, spec of machine, on PS working smooth, and fast, but AP is slow and not smooth on same file created on PS.
  4. affinity designer and photo is very slow on this specs, i working large files, graphic acceleration is not smooth rendering. then i put my large files to organize into publisher
  5. working on large format files, performance is very slower than adobe ID, we need an next level graphic acceleration computing systems. at least like adobe
  6. if i open large format PS file, computing and open too slow, and working on large format files performance is very slow, we need speed next level computing system, you have to improve graphic acceleration performances, wastes lot of time waiting for computing progress
  7. need better performance on large file vector formats, very slower than adobe illustrator, please increase the graphic accelerator need speed and smooth workflof
  8. if i put many layers into one group it will chaotically changed the position
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