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  1. Very happy to hear about the Select Same addition in the upcoming update. I’m working on a project right now were this really would have come in handy. Keep up the good work Affinity, so we can keep making our work even better! πŸ˜€
  2. Because Adobe CC is now subscription based. Because when I eventually update my Mac OS to Catalina, my Adobe CS5 will cease to function. Because I believe in the power and vision of the Affinity.
  3. The above two posts are a great example of what I'm taking about! As a freelance production artist and designer of 20 years, Live Trace and Select (same fill colour, same stroke etc.) are essential to move Designer from merely a vector illustration program to a production art powerhouse for CAD work, packaging design and logo work. Would really like to see these two options in Designer update.
  4. Thanks MEB. That's an OK workaround but was a bit time consuming. An AI style direct selection tool would be really handy in selecting and copying / separating parts of compound paths or parts of a grouped object. But I learned a couple new things today.
  5. Working on a little project to help me transition from AI to AD. I have an compound path object (ie hole in the centre). I want to select just the internal path, copy and paste in place on it’s own layer to manipulate it in some way. In AI I would use the Direct Selection Tool. In AD, when I select the Node Tool and click on the internal path the whole compound object seems selected. How do I just select one path of a compound or grouped object?
  6. Just today posted a comment about Designer's lack of 'Live Trace' feature and now find myself - after getting a very usable vector trace from my old and trusted AI CS5 and then opening that up in Designer to do the cleanup and finished art - having to go back to AI to 'Select Same Fill Colour'. As mentioned in this thread, this is bread and butter workhorse features for production artists and highly needed.
  7. I remember Streamline. 😌 Just now had to return to my old and trusted AI CS5 to use the great Live Trace feature with tweakable presets. Thought I'd be migrating to the Catalina OS and 100% Affinity Suite by now. I'll try out one of the third party tools before I totally let AI go. Affinity: please make this an upgrade feature soon.
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