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  1. Thanks Anon2 for this information, i'll give it a try. Maybe GIMP is a better choice for game development needs.
  2. Well that is depressing, that is exactly the same format i'm talking about and also for the same reason i want it in Affinity Photo. Now i have no Hope for this being added to Affinity Photo, since that was brought up back in 2017 and now it is 2020 and it hasn't been implemented. Affinity should consider capturing more of the 3d / GameDev market. There are a lot of indie Game devs looking to cut ties completely with adobe.
  3. I'm just looking to be able open the file in Affinity Photo and at least i can export it out as a .jpg or .png. so i can use it in other Apps. I was thinking that if Photoshop can do it Why couldn't Affinity Photo do it as well. It is just a few things like this that keep me tied to Adobe and i'd rather not me tied to them.
  4. Game Development programs can produce “Hight Maps” as “.RAW” files which are just grey scale images which determine the hight based on the value of the pixel color. When opening the file in “PhotoShop” this is the dialog box. Right now “PhotoShop” is the only photo editor that can open these files and there isn't any reason Affinity Photo shouldn't be able to do the same. There are many people like me who are trying to remove themselves from the Adobe eco system and if Affinity would add this simple feature it would help us Game Developers / 3D artist say goodbye to Adobe. I’m attaching a sample of the “.RAW” file for you to test. When opened in Photo Shop the "terrain.raw" image looks like this. thanks -Randy terrain.raw
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