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  1. Just wonder, may be is it possible to propose or suggest mesh map editor to use one with Liquify Live Filter without edit mesh with brush? Or maybe is it possible to disclose .affinity_liquify_mesh file format to make possible edit it manually?
  2. I often use LibreOffice Draw to open Corel pictures. Then it is possible from LibreOffice to convert Corel to PDF.
  3. Hello, I played with conversion from different color spaces in Affinity Photo and have found that it seems strange. I have made test file in ROMM RGB color space and tried to correctly convert one to sRGB color space with all four existed methods. I wanted to see difference between Perceptual , Relative colorimetric, Absolute colorimetric, and Saturation methods, but I cant see difference and it seems for me strange especially for perceptual method. I have made video and atteched here my test file. Could somebody explain me is it normal or not. Excuse me for bad English. Color_conversion.mp4 ProPhoto_RGB.afphoto
  4. Привет, русскоязычные пользователи программ семейства Affinity. Я записал несколько десятков видеоуроков по Affinity Designer. Надеюсь, будет полезно. Ссылка ниже. Hello, Russian-speaking users of Affinity family software. I have made several video tutorials for Affinity Designer. Hope it will help. The links is below: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCa0-pRXlGOuvypWzIj_Wsbw
  5. Hello, I have installed additional russian dictionary for spell-checking and for automatic hyphenation based on suggestion of this topic: For Affinity Publisher all works well, including hyphenation, after I have turn on automatic hyphenation in paragraph section. For Affinity Designer russian spell checking also works well. But I havent found in AD where I can turn on automatic hyphenation. Is it possible for AD?
  6. Hello, Russian language users. I have made some Russian tutorials for Affinity Designer for Windows. I hope it can hepls for somebody. Привет, русские пользователи форума. Я сделал порядка трех десятков видеоуроков по Affinity Designer на русском языке. Ниже ссылка на мой канал. Надеюсь, будет кому-нибудь полезно. Ссылка на канал Affinity по-русски
  7. Hello, Ross Carroll, I suggest you, as workaround way, to use boolean instruments to have SCISSORS-like effect. I have attached here video to show how it can be done. Hope it will helps. Sorry for bad English 🙂 Sciccors-like_operations.mp4
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