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  1. Привет, русскоязычные пользователи программ семейства Affinity. Я записал несколько десятков видеоуроков по Affinity Designer. Надеюсь, будет полезно. Ссылка ниже. Hello, Russian-speaking users of Affinity family software. I have made several video tutorials for Affinity Designer. Hope it will help. The links is below: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCa0-pRXlGOuvypWzIj_Wsbw
  2. Thank you, Joachim, I have checked your workaround, it works. With respect, Sergey
  3. Hello, I have installed additional russian dictionary for spell-checking and for automatic hyphenation based on suggestion of this topic: For Affinity Publisher all works well, including hyphenation, after I have turn on automatic hyphenation in paragraph section. For Affinity Designer russian spell checking also works well. But I havent found in AD where I can turn on automatic hyphenation. Is it possible for AD?
  4. Hello, Russian language users. I have made some Russian tutorials for Affinity Designer for Windows. I hope it can hepls for somebody. Привет, русские пользователи форума. Я сделал порядка трех десятков видеоуроков по Affinity Designer на русском языке. Ниже ссылка на мой канал. Надеюсь, будет кому-нибудь полезно. Ссылка на канал Affinity по-русски
  5. Hello, Ross Carroll, I suggest you, as workaround way, to use boolean instruments to have SCISSORS-like effect. I have attached here video to show how it can be done. Hope it will helps. Sorry for bad English 🙂 Sciccors-like_operations.mp4
  6. I have found following problem with Guides Manager in Affinity Designer for Windows v. When I create second artboard, Guides Manager shows wrong dimensions for Guides. It also dont allow to set and to change Spread Origin for second artboard. I have made video with problem, see below. I think, it is bug. Problem_with_Guides_Manager_in_second_artboard_.mp4
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