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  1. Hi all, First of all, thanks for implementing PDF passthrough - a real gamechanger for working with musical scores. In the latest version of Publisher, if I have set up lots of section titles and then add or remove a page, if I then undo the changes, the section titles do not revert to how they were before. For example, if I have Section 1 on pages 2-4, then add a page at the beginning of the file, then undo, Section 1 will be on pages 3-5. I can't see any way to revert the changes without closing and reopening (and hoping I didn't accidentally save). Apologies if this
  2. Game changer. Thanks 🙌 🙌 🙌 🙌 🙌 🙌 🙌 🙌 🙌
  3. Hi @SPaceBar, Sorry I thought it was embedded. I've uploaded the exact files used in the video to the Dropbox link you gave me earlier. Thanks for your efforts with my issue!
  4. Hi @SPaceBar Thanks for looking into this. Here's another video from today: Steps to replicate: Open the file "test file 2" attached here: https://send.firefox.com/download/56172bcfd9014ace/#LotSDMqwDbnZdEeDUmXneA Go to pages 6&7 Try to drag the frames to match the content of the music staves. For me at least, they resize in a crazy way as seen in the video. I've also included "test file 2 - with issue" that shows what happens afterwards.
  5. @Callum, thanks for your reply - I managed to capture it in the end and posted it in this thread:
  6. Done! The embedded file is a music PDF output by Dorico - it uses Bravura for the notes and music symbols and Academico for the text, numbers, etc.
  7. Hi, here you go (expires in one week): https://send.firefox.com/download/644910d6fa13de2d/#4Gt7hCqjR5pS5vrMU6N4NA There are two versions - the first with just the file placed in the master page and the second where the frames have been adjusted. In the second one you can see how the contents have also vertically resized despite being told not to scale. I'm using Thanks!
  8. When PDF Passthrough arrives I will throw a street party in honour of the Serif gods.
  9. Since my other thread about this was moved I thought I would come back with a video of it actually happening in real time (the fun starts at 1:04). Resizing or moving a frame on a detached master page (with content scale set to 'None') will affect the content inside the frame, as well as the content inside other frames on other pages.
  10. Hi, I've posted a few things along these lines and last time it turned out to be my error. However this one has me tearing my hair out... I have an embedded PDF document (some sheet music from Dorico) and I have sliced it up using frames so I can position the music as necessary. I laid everything out perfectly earlier today, saved it and came back later.. to find that the vertical height of all my music has been slightly altered and now nothing matches up 🤮 All of the frames have scale set to 'None'. I was extremely careful when moving frames around that nothing was resizin
  11. Fair enough, thanks for the reply. I am glad that replace document exists. Got a nice workflow going.
  12. OK, slightly odd one here: If I have a picture frame selected with a placed PDF document positioned within it exactly how I want, and I go to "replace image", the replaced document's position in the frame is slightly changed. However, if I go via the Layers panel, click on the embedded document and go via "replace document", the position is maintained (which is better obviously!) I don't know how to embed a video here (can someone let me know?) - here's a YouTube link: https://youtu.be/ynleUlMwETo
  13. Good to see some other musicians on here! I've had some issues with Dorico PDFs into Publisher. I've only been able to get around them 100% by exporting from Dorico using the Microsoft Print to PDF function which seems to convert everything to curves so there are no issues with fonts etc. Should be available from Finale as well (although I've never used it!) if you treat it as a Print function rather than Export.
  14. When I replace a linked document where part of it has been dragged to be visible in a picture frame, all of the positioning I have done is reset. This doesn't happen when I update it. Could we get a setting to maintain X+Y co-ordinates of the placed document when replaced?
  15. Another use case for this - I'm working on several workbooks with the same layout but different content. The content is all formatted identically so that I don't have to mess around with placement when I replace the file. When I copy and paste to a new folder to create a new workbook, the Spread setting is lost for every placed file so everything resets to Page 1 of the linked document. For now I am just embedding things which is fine but start-up times are slow as a result.
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